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High quality executive and personal assistance,
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Fin mixes the best of human and machine intelligence to give you an entire team of assistants that feels like a single person.

Learns and remembers your preferences.

Like the best EA, Fin remembers people you interact with and integrates with your email and calendar.

Automate workflows with humans in the loop.

Fin keeps track of recurring tasks, important dates, and gets things done for you.

Pay only for what you use.

Fin is available 24x7x365 and seamlessly scales up (or down) based on your needs.

A team of assistants at your fingertips.

Fin can do things like make phone calls, remember logins, or send emails for you.

Zero management overhead.

Don’t spend time recruiting, training, and managing people. Let Fin do that.

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Use email, app, text, or web to make one time or recurring requests in plain english, just like you would with a normal assistant.

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Fin asks you clarifying questions if needed and remembers your responses 
for the future.

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Fin does the work the way you want it.

Lateefah Simon

Board Director,


Fin has been key to my ability to juggle the unyielding demands of elected office, a demanding full time job, and single motherhood. More than a virtual assistant, Fin is more like a lifesaver and frankly, my favorite app.

Tim Feeley

Product Manager,


Fin is the helpful assistant I never knew I needed until I started using it! It feels less like software, and more like a person who helps me manage my schedule, todo list and more.

Adam Goldberg

Managing Partner,

Digital Ventures

Fin is like having a 10x engineer as your assistant 24/7. I use it everyday. It’s saved so much time, from administrative tasks and research to travel planning and gift advice.

Andrew Wilkinson



Fin has nailed something so many people have tried and failed at: an army of amazing assistants at your fingertips 24/7. It has changed my life in a big way.

Samvit Ramadurgam


Equidate and S2 Capital

Fin is an indispensable part of my everyday life. With Fin, I'm freed from the cognitive load that comes with juggling the logistics of both my personal life and my work at Equidate. It's incredibly liberating.

Is Fin For Me?

Fin is a high-quality assistant that can handle the administrative aspects of life, declutter your to-do list, and keep you focused on what matters most.

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