Discover Data and Best Practices to Improve CX Outcomes with The 2021 Customer Operations Benchmark Report

Measurable insights for more productive CX & operations teams

Our Work Insights Platform reveals all the ways that agents work across SaaS applications, enabling better coaching, processes, and technology for more empowered teams that delight customers.

What is Fin?

Your customer operations teams use multiple SaaS applications to handle requests.

But you're in the dark on how critical workflows are actually carried out across these apps or what can be improved.

Our turnkey browser plugin and powerful big data analytics shed light on how your team actually gets work done across all apps, providing actionable insights into people, process, and technology.

Powering hypergrowth for customer operations leaders

Demonstrate ROI


Decrease in average handle time


Increase in agent utilization


Interactions identified with potential data leakage

We improve training, workflows, and technology for CX teams.

Fin process flow diagram

Design better agent workflows

Don’t hire more staff or invest in more software until you fully understand how your team allocates time. Trace tasks as they move through different business applications. Optimize the steps in every process based on hard data.

Replicate your top talent

Employee churn is expensive and demoralizing. Identify top talent and reward them. Teach others to perform tasks using the exact methods of top performing specialists.

Sales opportunities

Eliminate technology bottlenecks

Fin automatically identifies and quantifies bad user interfaces, sloppy system configurations, and slow networks that prevent your team from outperforming.

Fin empowers your frontline team to tag software issues while they work, establishing a direct line of feedback to IT and engineering.

Page load speed per person table

Hold outsourcers accountable

If you work with business process outsourcers – BPOs - you know how hard it is to compare the price/performance of different outsource partners.  With Fin, you get hard data on agent performance and quality, using a common standard of measurement. Perfect to support vendor conversations and negotiations.

Top opportunity area savings and trends per client comparison

Meet teams working better with Fin

Client image - Scott Moran

We looked to understand productivity and maintain the high level of security that customers expect. Fin has provided critical insights into how we can enable a remote team during a period of rapid growth. We’ve since deployed Fin more broadly across our CX workforce.

Will Zhou
Director, Technology & Analytics, Coinbase
Client image - Avi Tal

Fin gives me insights to help our agents work more productively, saving countless hours by surfacing opportunities for greater efficiency across our organization. Fin enables us to continuously test and iterate on our user experience and better engage our teams as we scale.

Avi Tal
Client image - Scott Moran

One of our easiest solves ever was discovering that copy/pasting a company logo into email signatures on Zendesk was wasting nearly 20% of team utilization for a client.

Scott Moran
Founder, Go2

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