Augment Your Memory

In the future you will have a companion that is tapped into your stream of consciousness.

It will help you remember everything. It will help you search your memory and the collective knowledge of everyone to help you find better answers. It will help you get things done.

Fin uses a combination of computer and human intelligence to deliver the beginning of that future now.

Remember Everything, Organize Your Thoughts

Tell Fin your thoughts, using voice, text, photo, or email

Thread remember names
Thread timeflies

Fin structures and augments your information

Thread dentist
Entry dentist

Makes everything searchable

Search walnut creek
Search doctor

Fin can keep track of lists

List ideas

Places to explore

Thread restaurant
List restaurants

Recommendations from friends

Thread movie
List to watch

Fin can manage your calendar

Jury duty
Event jury duty

Remind you to do things

Thread reminder
Reminder light push

Keep a journal of memories

Potty training story
Big man story

Fin Knows You & Can Act on Your Behalf

Fin can send messages for you

Garaje burrito
Email garaje

Make reservations

Thread reservation
Entry angelines

Find answers

Thread hours
House listing

Deal with junk mail

Thread bill
Thread spam
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