Stay focused and do more

"Fin has been key to my ability to juggle the unyielding demands of elected office, a demanding full time job, and single motherhood. More than a virtual assistant, Fin is more like a lifesaver and frankly, my favorite app."

Lateefah Simon, BART Board Director

"Fin is the helpful assistant I never knew I needed until I started using it! It feels less like software, and more like a person who helps me manage my schedule, todo list and more."

Tim Feeley, Product Manager @ Facebook

"I gave up the luxury of having a full-time assistant. Switching to Fin has been seamless and the more I use the platform the more I get out of it."

AJ Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder @ VaynerSports

"Fin is like having a 10x engineer as your assistant 24/7. I use it everyday. It’s saved so much time, from administrative tasks and research to travel planning and gift advice."

Adam Goldberg, Managing Partner @ Digital Ventures

"Fin has nailed something so many people have tried and failed at: an army of amazing assistants at your fingertips 24/7. It has changed my life in a big way."

Andrew Wilkinson, CEO @ Metalab

"Fin is an indispensable part of my everyday life. With Fin, I'm freed from the cognitive load that comes with juggling the logistics of both my personal life and my work at Equidate. It's incredibly liberating."

Samvit Ramadurgam, Founder @ Equidate and S2 Capital

More powerful than a digital assistant

Fin can call, email, text, schedule, research, book, and purchase for you. Talk to Fin using voice transcription that actually works. Add Fin to email chains. Fin understands context, learns your preferences, and handles nuanced requests.

More flexible than a traditional assistant

Fin is available 24 x 7 x 365. We hire and manage a highly skilled and educated team, so you don't have to. You pay only for what you use, down to the minute.

Always learning and improving

We review every request, learn from mistakes, and only charge for quality. Fin connects to your services and learns to better serve you over time. Fin applies what it learns from all the people it interacts with to make your experience better.

Ask Anything

“Fin, I want to see more of Justin. Each month can you find a time for us to get dinner somewhere cool and new in the mission.”
→ Message → Schedule → Research → Book → Reminder
"I just moved to a new apt at 1901 Union St in Oakland, apt 4. Can you find and call the appropriate places to get me setup for internet, electricity, gas, and water?"
→ Research → Call → Purchase
"Can you have a replacement for my card sent to 900 Skillman Ave, Brooklyn? I put my login info in Fin Vault."
→ Login → Purchase
"Fin, can you add 'politics is a media business' to my list of essays to write? And, remind me to do some writing on Sunday."
→ Transcribe Voice → Remember → Save to List → Calendar
"Please remember Cotogna as a place I can get dinner after 10pm."
→ Transcribe Voice → Remember → Save to List
"Hey Fin, can you identify the plant in this photo, find me a local nursery that sells them. If it is less than $300 buy it for me and have it sent to my house."
→ Transcribe Photo → Research → Purchase
"Fin, can you get me 4 tix to the Lettuce concert at the Fox next Friday? And email the deets to Jenny, Rob, and Jason."
→ Transcribe Voice → Research → Purchase → Message → Calendar
"Can you send the David Foster Wallace essay 'e unibus pluram' to Rob? Think he'll enjoy it."
→ Transcribe Voice → Research → Message
"Fin, can you take care of this hospital bill for me? Use my Amex."
→ Transcribe Photo → Research → Purchase
"What time does the last BART leave the West Oakland station towards SF tonight? Text + Call + Email me ahead of time to make sure I don’t miss it!"
→ Research → Reminder → Text → Call → Email
"Can you remind me to call my mom tomorrow afternoon? Also, actually, can you send her flowers too… usual preferences on the flowers?"
→ Reminder → Research → Purchase
"Can you unsubscribe me from these mailings (see pic attached)?"
→ Transcribe Photo → Research → Login
“I just decided to go to Calabria June 1-10 with my girlfriend. Can you move any SF meetings I have that week, and also book me for a good restaurant each night. What else should we definitely do there?"
→ Email → Schedule → Calendar → Research → Call → Book
"I am going to New York next week. Can you lookup the people I said I wanted to spend more time with there, and start a thread for me with each person to find times to hang?"
→ Research → Email → Schedule → Calendar