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Gain visibility into the holistic journey that agents take, including  outside of Zendesk , to make their lives easier

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Getting Started with Fin

Fin unveils how teams solve tickets across every application, from Zendesk and beyond, revealing the end-to-end agent journey. This helps identify and remove frustrations to improve the agent experience, enabling better coaching, processes, and technology. Easily connect Zendesk with Fin by providing your subdomain, authenticating in Zendesk, and selecting ticket fields by which to slice the data.

Why Fin & Zendesk?

Understand How Time is Actually Utilized

Even the most effective teams only spend part of their time in Zendesk. Use Fin to understand how your team splits time across all of the different SaaS applications they use to solve tickets. Fin provides “true handle time,” not just time spent on Zendesk, giving leaders the confidence to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Holistically See How Tickets are Solved

Capture all activity happening in the browser - from the moment the ticket is opened to when it leaves Zendesk and gets closed - to understand the end-to-end journey. See all of the steps taken, whether in the CRM, knowledge base, chat application, or more​, to enable better QA and remove frustrations from any and all agent interactions.

Gain Rapid Visibility and Insights

All agent activity is captured through a lightweight and turnkey browser plugin. Fin’s out-of-the-box solution seamlessly pulls data from Zendesk and organizes workflows by ticket ID, allowing leaders to easily slice data by contact reason or any other Zendesk field to get the exact insights they need.

Get started with Fin today!