Understand the Performance of Remote Teams Fin Analytics

Understand the Performance of Remote Teams

You can’t make the right decisions for how to improve process without knowing what is actually happening on the floor. The lack of visibility that comes with remote teams often means accepting a loss of quality control with your customer interactions.

Traveling to a site and shadowing your team only provides a small piece of the full picture and often fails to uncover the day-to-day issues that hold agents back.

How Fin Can Help

  • Understand activity and performance in real-time
  • Remove the barriers of shadowing and QA
  • Tighten feedback loops with tagging and annotations

Fin Analytics gives you a scalable mechanism for understanding the quality and efficiency of your remote staff. Our tools remove the need to be in the right place at the right time to understand process issues and individual opportunities.

Video playback provides an added level of transparency to help ensure quality and consistency of customer interactions. By allowing you to see every piece of work completed, Fin covers what was previously missed by the limitations of in-person shadowing. Know whether processes are being followed and why deviations or breakdowns happen when they do.

Monitor live dashboards to watch aggregate activity and get insight into both team and agent level performance trends. Trigger automatic notifications for custom events like updating a Slack channel when a remote agent files a bug report, triggering a chrome notification when a teammate has been idle for too long, or posting a webhook to zapier when someone starts their shift.

Common Use Cases for
Fin Analytics

Building a modern operational infrastructure for high performance teams.