Improve Coaching and QA Fin Analytics

Improve Coaching and QA

A supervisor’s job is to review the work of their operators, offer corrections and coaching, and make process improvements where opportunities exist. However, teams can only correct what they can observe, and a lot of times, managers are limited by a lack of data and the time constraints of manual shadowing.

How Fin Can Help

  • Leverage video to provide personalized feedback (and watch work at up to 5x the speed)
  • Tag and annotate urgent issues for live coaching
  • Evaluate performance outliers to focus QA time

The top way team members discover the skills they need to improve in their roles is when their manager provides specific direction or guidance. Our dashboards provide insights and heuristics to guide QA time, freeing managers to focus on the sessions with the highest concentration of opportunities for process improvement (i.e. if a task took significantly longer than the team average for that same task).

Replay any moment of a team member’s day (at up to 5x real work speed). Easily search for specific cases, resources, or key events to only watch and learn from the interactions that matter. Managers and agents can set aside videos to watch in one-on-ones and decide together the best way to improve.

This show don’t tell approach opens the door to better communication and a greater willingness to engage in critical feedback. Agents can get the personalized guidance they need to do their job better and managers get the ability to hone in and coach their teams on the higher leverage opportunities. Close the agent skill gap and drive down attrition on your team.

Common Use Cases for
Fin Analytics

Building a modern operational infrastructure for high performance teams.