Find and Fix Inefficient Processes Fin Analytics

Find and Fix Inefficient Processes

While most operations leaders carefully track outcome data like NPS or time-to-close, they often lack the insight they need to understand the actual behaviors driving those outcomes.

Without the proper data, it is impossible to know exactly where to focus time and effort to improve the performance of your team’s work.

How Fin Can Help

  • Develop operational performance baselines across your team
  • Watch aggregate trends to spot outliers and understand top and bottom performers
  • Build funnel analysis to identify large drop-offs within workflows
  • Review video to spot opportunities for process change or automation

With Fin Analytics, you can start implementing data-informed process changes to maximize the speed and quality of customer support. From complex technical workflows to standard help tickets, our tools give you a unique view into the ground truth of your business. By simply logging your team’s event stream, you’ll start to draw new insights from their activity to uncover both team and agent level inefficiencies to focus on.

To debug an internal process, identify a metric that you’d like to improve and then slice and dice your team’s data to unpack the trends and outliers correlated to that outcome. Watch relevant video interactions to learn the nuanced behaviors driving performance and identify the root cause.

For example, if one of your workflows has an abnormally high variance (or bimodal variance), this can be a sign that the process is unclear or incorrect. Perhaps a complex workflow needs to be split into two distinct ones or a specific part of the process is consistently slowing your agents down. QA teams and process managers can use the videos of tickets with high-outlier handle times to figure out how to update process and improve efficiency.

Once you have this added layer of insight, you can start updating processes, resources, or tooling to effectively improve the speed and quality of your team’s work.

Common Use Cases for
Fin Analytics

Building a modern operational infrastructure for high performance teams.