Pinpoint RPA Opportunitites and Thoughtfully Automate Key Workflows Fin Analytics

Pinpoint RPA Opportunitites and Thoughtfully Automate Key Workflows

RPA is the practical future of productivity and automation in the workplace. When implemented correctly, it can be a transformative way to streamline workflows and optimize employee bandwidth.

However, companies often vastly underestimate the complexity of the processes they select, which can create unexpected hiccups during implementation and ongoing system issues. You can’t start down the path of using RPA until you know what to automate, exactly how to automate it, and how to measure the impact and ROI of each product change.

How Fin Can Help

  • Get a detailed breakdown of how time is being spent to prioritize areas for automation
  • Watch videos of how work is done to accurately build your RPA process
  • Build time series analyses to measure the immediate and long term impact of your efforts

To accurately prioritize automation efforts, it’s critical to have a detailed understanding of where time is spent on your team. Unlike traditional time and motion studies, Fin Analytics captures every moment of your day to provide an accurate snapshot of aggregate activity and behavioral trends.

Slice and dice your event data to form a comprehensive view of how time is spent across different resources, websites, workflows, and more. Evaluate the volume and associated cost of each work stream, prioritize the most expensive ones, and identify repetitive behaviors to automate.

Once you have a clear focus, pull relevant video clips to give your engineering team a first-hand sense of how work is done to decipher the best way to instrument RPA. Watch your team’s end-to-end video interaction as many times as needed to get a comprehensive view of process, resources used, web-sites visited, and other relevant context along the way.

After roll-out, Fin Analytics can give you a clear sense of the payoff from automation - where it is working and where it is not. Rather than relying on abstract ‘outcome only’ metrics, get the process information you need to know where your RPA is speeding you up, and precisely by how much. Build a time series analysis to quantify the impact of your product team’s work by evaluating any changes in behavior before and after implementation.

Common Use Cases for
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Building a modern operational infrastructure for high performance teams.