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Accelerate Onboarding

Traditional training processes such as written pamphlets or group learning sessions expect new hires to learn their work in a different context than how itโ€™ll be done, which negatively impacts their time-to-value.

Especially as companies start to scale, it becomes a larger priority for ops leaders to increase hiring efficiency to match any newfound growth in demand.

How Fin Can Help

  • Build a rich video library for employee training
  • Track how many times new hires watch videos
  • Remove the need to update training materials

Encourage your team to share best practices, coach one another, and become stakeholders in the companyโ€™s success. Teams have seen 77% faster ramp-up speeds after replacing traditional training with rich video tutorials.

With Fin Analytics, you can easily build an on-demand video library of your best work to repurpose for training and onboarding. These rich video tutorials remove the added overhead of creating and updating training materials, and are massively more effective for new hires as well. Video allows agents to learn their work in the same context that theyโ€™ll be doing it, accelerating their understanding of day-to-day tasks.

Instead of relying on written materials and one-on-one manager training, video increases team exposure to general best practices and allows for more repetition as they ramp up. When a new hire gets stuck on workflow or task, they can easily pull and review the relevant training materials to visually answer any questions that they had.

Common Use Cases for
Fin Analytics

Building a modern operational infrastructure for high performance teams.