Common Use Cases for Fin Analytics Fin Analytics

Common Use Cases for Fin Analytics

Our tools gives leaders unmatched visibility into how work is done to focus their energy on the highest impact opportunities. We have seen a broad range of use cases for Fin Analytics, from a variety of teams across organizations.

Detailed operational metrics not only help operations and support teams rank their own priorities; they also help data science, engineering, and finance know how to best support their customer facing team. Get the insights you need to optimize work output and know where to focus product and automation efforts.

Find and Fix Inefficient Process
Pinpoint the exact behaviors that drive your top-line performance metrics to improve process and unblock your team.

Manage Remote Teams
Shadow remote teams without hopping on a plane to gain a better understanding of how well they are performing.

Accelerate Team Onboarding
Develop a library of video assets for training new agents in rapidly scaling organizations.

Improve Coaching and QA
Coaching with video assets empowers first time managers and senior agents to provide concrete, actionable feedback to newer team members.

Identify Opportunities for Automation
Before You Work on RPA, Make Sure You Have The Proper Analytics to Know What to Automate and How To Measure The Impact.

Measure and Optimize Internal Tools
Track the rollout of new tools and internal process to better understand the impact of your organizations initiatives to drive better service. And, get a video with every bug ticket.

Common Use Cases for
Fin Analytics

Building a modern operational infrastructure for high performance teams.