Improve resource management with CX capacity planning insights

Get the real-time visibility you need for accurate workforce capacity planning to evolve and scale your customer operations team with your customers

Workforce capacity planning

Capacity management should start with accurate data and insights

Accurately Forecast

Better anticipate capacity needs with granular, real-time data on agent productivity and utilization

Pinpoint Needs

Scope work more precisely with process maps to pinpoint where capacity is needed

Minimize Waste

Keep agents productive by finding and eliminating unnecessary applications and procedures

React Faster

Uncover bottlenecks and staffing shortages faster with out-of-the-box dashboards

Accurately forecast

Accurately forecast capacity needs with granular work data

Forecast capacity needs more accurately with granular real-time team activity and utilization data across all the SaaS applications that your company uses. Get control over costs and don't just estimate what you need when you could know for sure.

Fin dashboard modules displaying time distributions and the core tool explorer.
Fin dashboard modules displaying workflow inefficiencies.
Minimize waste

Identify and reduce inefficiencies and distractions

Maximize capacity by keeping agents focused on the right things. Fin's comprehensive workflow and process insights enables companies to quickly identify lousy procedures, gaps in your knowledge base, technology that's distracting, and other problems to fix so that your team can do their best work.

Pinpoint Needs

Pinpoint needs using detailed process maps

Target staffing needs by analyzing end-to-end workflows to see where the bottlenecks lie. With detailed process maps and workflow analysis, you can easily identify the people and support you need to handle evolving customer needs.

Fin dashboard modules displaying process steps and flow.
Fin dashboard modules displaying recommendations, insights and the compliance report rollup.
React Faster

Instantly uncover shortages with real-time dashboards

Surface capacity shortages faster with real-time KPI reporting, diagnostics, and trends analysis. Like a crystal ball for your planning needs, Fin helps you see around corners and avoid staffing surprises that are both costly and disappointing to customers.

Gain complete visibility across thousands of SaaS applications, even those you built yourself.

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