Optimize Your CX and Customer Operations Technology Stack

Enable agents more effectively using powerful data and insights on how applications and hardware impact their work, allowing you to perfect your technology stack and prove ROI

Customer Operations Technology

Equip your team with technology that actually makes work better, not harder

Demonstrate ROI

Definitively show the impact of new applications and equipment by A/B testing changes to inform technology ROI analysis

Eliminate Shelfware

Stop wasting time and resources maintaining software licenses and applications that no one uses or needs

Monitor Technology

Pinpoint problems and bottlenecks through ongoing usage and performance monitoring across applications and network setups

Reduce Distractions

Keep agents productive by identifying and reducing unnecessary and distracting applications and hardware

demonstrate roi

Clearer technology ROI analysis with A/B testing and experiments

Clearly and easily see how changes in applications and equipment impact productivity and outcomes with Fin's out-of-the-box A/B testing capabilities. Fin makes it easy to run experiments that show how differences in technology affect operational KPIs, allowing leaders to build a clearer business case for your next digital transformation.

Fin dashboard module displaying ROI analysis and AB testing tool.
Fin dashboard modules displaying average daily download and tool performance.
Monitor Technology

Pinpoint problem areas by monitoring technology usage and performance

Get real-time visibility into slow network speeds, malfunctioning hardware, applications experiencing downtime, and other challenges that prevent your team from succeeding. Fin's comprehensive application and hardware monitoring capabilities helps companies quickly surface problems and fix them, before your team even knows that they occurred.

Eliminate Shelfware

Get the data you need to identify and eliminate shelfware

Stop wasting money, IT resources, and time on software licenses and applications that no one uses or needs. Fin provides a single source of truth to identify shelfware that helps neither your team nor your bottom line. Use data to have more informed negotiations with software vendors and better focus development efforts on applications that work.

Fin dashboard modules displaying resource usage by constituent and proportion of tool costs.
Fin dashboard modules displaying process metric examples and the knowledge base usage.
Reduce Distractions

Increase employee engagement and productivity by reducing distractions

Keep your agents productive and focused by reducing distracting applications and equipment. With Fin's comprehensive technology and process insights, you can easily identify distracting software, gaps in the knowledge base, frustrating procedures and load speeds, and other technology issues that prevent your team from getting in the flow at work.

Gain complete visibility across thousands of SaaS applications, even those you built yourself.

A grouping of various logos including Slack, Google Chrome and Zendesk.

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