Boost the performance and engagement of your remote agents

Get visibility into the roadblocks preventing remote agents from exceeding customer expectations and better empower your team

Customer Operations Technology

Get real-time visibility into your remote team, as if you were sitting in the same office

See Remote Work

Fin’s video capture and playback capabilities allow leaders to see how work actually gets done in remote settings

Engage Agents

Empower agents to send questions, offer feedback, or report bugs to their managers with automatically attached video clips

Protect Customer Data

Help prevent potentially damaging data loss and security breaches with real-time compliance monitoring and audit abilities

Optimize Technology

Pinpoint connectivity issues remote agents may be facing through performance monitoring across applications and network setups

See remote work

Feel like you are working side-by-side with your remote agents

Fin’s video capture and playback capabilities allow leaders to see how remote agents are actually getting their work done. Leaders can offer their remote agents personalized guidance by reviewing clips from specific tickets and discussing what an agent did well or how the agent can improve next time.

A stylized Fin dashboard module displaying a remote agent.
A stylized Fin module displaying dataloss diagnostics.
protect customer data

See risks and noncompliance that could cause data and security breaches

Get more visibility into how your remote agents, no matter where they are working from, follow your risk and compliance procedures. This helps to protect your company against regulatory and business risks. Fin gives companies ways to identify potential sources of customer data loss, set alerts for risky behaviors, and audit incidents.

engage agents

Facilitate communication between agents and managers with in-context feedback

Fin gives agents the ability to send questions, offer feedback, and report bugs through a wide variety of internal channels while automatically attaching relevant video clips to every annotation. This helps managers respond to questions quickly and with the context they need.

A stylized Fin module displaying the annotation feature.
Stylized Fin modules displaying user tool performance metrics.
optimize technology

Ensure your remote agents have the tech they need to succeed

Your remote agents are only as good as the technology and connectivity they are equipped with. Shelfware hurts your bottom line and is distracting to agents. Slow network speeds can frustrate both employees and customers. Fin identifies slow network speeds, distracting software, and other technology issues preventing remote agents from succeeding.

Gain complete visibility across thousands of SaaS applications, even those you built yourself.

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