Manage BPO costs using performance data and benchmarks

Rest assured with Fin that you are optimizing Business Process Outsourcing performance and costs with hard data on agent performance and insights to improve

Turnkey BPO cost and performance management tool

Turn your BPO into the partner you always wanted

Plan Capacity

Accurately identify exactly how much business outsourcing capacity is needed with objective productivity and output data

Reduce Waste

Eliminate bottlenecks with end-to-end visibility across workflows to see where problems lie and target the right solutions

Monitor Compliance

Help prevent potentially damaging data loss and security breaches with real-time compliance monitoring and audit abilities

Benchmark Performance

Set higher standards by comparing BPO performance with other BPOs and industry benchmarks

Equip BPO Agents

Help BPO agents work effectively by ensuring that they have the right technology and equipment to succeed

plan capacity

Accurately identify how much BPO capacity you need

Fin's accurate real-time data helps companies avoid overspending on unnecessary BPO costs and react faster when capacity is needed. Many organizations today plan BPO capacity based on historic handle time and ticket volume data, but only Fin instantly reveals changes in capacity needs and ways to improve productivity and optimize outputs.

A custom dashboard showing utilization, handle time and other customer service agent data.
A dashboard module displaying load metrics for various apps.
Benchmark Performance

Set performance standards with industry benchmarking

Don't just settle for any outcomes from your BPO. With industry and BPO performance benchmarking, you can confidently set higher expectations for average handle times, utilization, compliance, outcomes, and more, backed by concrete data.

reduce waste

Identify and eliminate costly process bottlenecks

Quickly identify process bottlenecks with end-to-end visibility across teams and workflows. Demonstrate ROI with A/B testing to identify process and technology changes that actually deliver measurable outcomes and save on BPO costs.

A dashboard module displaying app and tool usage and their impact on various metrics.
A dashboard module displaying average daily download speed.
equip bpo agents

Ensure that BPO agents have the technology and equipment to succeed

Your BPO agents are only as good as the technology that they have. Fin enables companies to monitor and flag network performance, hardware issues, ineffective applications, and other problems that prevent your team from bringing their A-game.

monitor compliance

See risks and incompliance that could drive data and security breaches

Get more visibility into how BPOs follow your risk and compliance procedures to help protect your company against regulatory and business risks. Fin gives companies ways to identify potential sources of customer data loss, set alerts for risky workflows and behaviors, and audit incidents using DOM monitoring and optional screen recording.

A dashboard module displaying potential data loss actions.

Gain complete visibility across thousands of SaaS applications, even those you built yourself.

A grouping of various logos including Slack, Google Chrome and Zendesk.
A grouping of various logos including Slack, Google Chrome and Zendesk.

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