Improve agent performance through personalized coaching

Uplevel coaching outcomes with data-backed insights on how to replicate behaviors proven to enhance the agent and customer journey

Customer Operations Technology

Teach agents proven behaviors that drive better outcomes

Personalize Coaching

Better target coaching by having visibility into the exact procedures, knowledge gaps, and tech that are holding agents back

Engage Agents

Empower agents to send questions, offer feedback, or report bugs to their managers with automatically attached video clips

Highlight Success

Identify which behaviors make top performers successful and then share these best practice behaviors with the rest of the team

Improve Training

Create better training materials for agents by identifying the most common knowledge gaps and areas where SOPs are not followed

personalize Coaching

Help agents reach their potential with personalized, data-backed coaching

Fin’s insights give managers the necessary data to understand the exact challenges that their agents are facing and identify opportunities to improve. The platform can identify which agents can benefit from additional coaching and equip the manager with the specific data to help provide highly personalized coaching.

A stylized Fin module displaying coaching impact metrics.
A stylized Fin module displaying case time metrics.
Highlight success

Replicate the success of top performers by highlighting effective behaviors

Use data to objectively identify top talent and recognize their successes. Use best practices from top performers to train the rest of the team to replicate behaviors that drive better outcomes. This helps managers to boost team morale and collaboration across agents.

engage agents

Facilitate communication between agents and managers with in-context feedback

Fin gives agents the ability to send questions to their managers as they are engaging with a customer. Every annotation automatically attaches the relevant video clips, which gives managers the ability to respond to questions quickly and with the context they need.

A stylized Fin module displaying the annotation feature.
A stylized Fin module displaying workflow inefficiencies and the knowledge base article usage.
improve training

Enhance training materials to reduce common agent knowledge gaps

Analyze end-to-end workflows to see where the bottlenecks and common pain points lie. With detailed process maps and workflow analysis, you can easily identify the common areas where agents are struggling to understand and where training may be needed.

Gain complete visibility across thousands of SaaS applications, even those you built yourself.

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