Security at Fin

We know you care about the security of your Fin account. So do we. Maintaining the security and privacy of our users’ data is our utmost concern, and we recognize that our brand and the success of our company are deeply tied to your trust in us and in our ability to keep your information secure. Just like any good assistant, if you can’t trust us, we can’t do a great job for you. And if we cannot keep your information secure, we know we will fail. Put another way, violating our users’ trust is an existential threat to our company's longevity.

When we think about security at Fin, we are driven by one simple rule: We don’t ask anything of our users that we aren’t willing to do ourselves. We wouldn’t, for example, expect you to place sensitive information (like credit card and social security numbers) in the Vault if we would not do it ourselves.

In addition to our “golden” rule of security, we are committed to doing the following to keep your info secure:

But perhaps most importantly, we recognize that security is a task we can never simply check off as done, and are committed to continue our investment in making our systems more secure.

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within Fin, or have any suggestions or additional questions, please email us at

You can find our terms of service here, and our user data policy here.