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Unlock More Productive Teams with the CX and Customer Operations Benchmark Report

Learn benchmarks and best practices to increase the productivity of CX and customer operations teams. This research is drawn from tens of millions of hours of data on how frontline workers and operations teams work across thousands of applications, as captured by Fin’s Work Insights Platform. Uncover previously unknown insights to empower agents for better customer outcomes, including ways to optimize training, processes, and technology based on best practices proven effective for leading companies.

Fin helps CX and operations leaders continuously improve workflows for better team productivity and outcomes.

The Customer Operations Benchmarks ebook.
What You Will Learn

This report reveals best practices from our customer community.

  • What are the metrics that a high-performing CX team needs to measure and why?

  • What does the data show about how processes and technology impact agent productivity and engagement?

  • What are the greatest untapped opportunities to improve operational efficiency and customer outcomes?

  • What are the greatest risks that companies should be aware of when moving to distributed teams?

  • Other granular benchmarks on utilization, true handle times, productivity loss and opportunities, data loss risks, the impact of your tech stack on agent utilization, and more.