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Growth and a Pandemic:
How Airbnb Handled Customer Operations Amidst Rapid Change

In this session from Customer Contact Week, Andy Yasutake from Airbnb shares lessons learned from decades leading organizations to onboard technologies that help customer operations teams gracefully manage hypergrowth and the unexpected. Andy is joined by Evan Cummack, CEO of Fin.

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Leveraging Insights for Greater Agility and Better CX Outcomes

2020 rocked every company's operations to its core. Now imagine handling all of this while having one of the fastest growing customer contact teams in history and managing itineraries for travellers all over the world.

In this video Andy and Evan will share best practices for how companies can leverage insights for greater agility and better CX outcomes. The session also shares findings from Fin’s real-time data across contact center agents to reveal previously unknowable insights into how technology impacts productivity.

Andy Yasutake and Evan Cummack on stage together.
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This session was recorded at CCW Nashville on October 22, 2021.