Productivity Insights that transform CX and operations teams into your competitive edge

Fin's platform rapidly reveals how agents actually work across SaaS applications to deliver customer experiences, empowering CX leaders to enable more agile customer operations teams that customers love.

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Lead your team to greater productivity and better outcomes

Fin gives leaders the confidence to lead their teams to greater productivity and better outcomes. We seamlessly capture data across any SaaS applications to uncover how frontline agents and customer operations teams perform mission-critical workflows and help optimize training, processes, and technology. Fin doesn’t miss a thing, and neither do you.

Improve Customer Experiences

Identify ways to improve technology and SOP’s for better CX outcomes



Decrease in Average
Handle Time

Increase Agent Productivity

Keep teams engaged by removing bottlenecks and identifying knowledge gaps



Increase in agent

Mitigate Risk and Improve Compliance

Uncover vulnerabilities in processes, drive greater compliance, and create audit trails



Interactions identified with
potential customer data leakage

Why Fin?

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Pre-Built Analytics Dashboards

Fin offers out-of-the box process efficiency, agent utilization, process mapping diagrams, and more that are enhanced based on the latest industry best practices.

Data visualisation of a company's workflow

Lightweight Chrome Extension

Installing Fin is as simple as adding a Chrome extension. Fin uses DOM Fingerprinting to collect data from any application, even homegrown tools and apps with no API.

Dive Deeper with Video and Audio

Zoom in on specific activities that influenced workflow execution to understand them in full fidelity using screen and audio recording. Highlight exemplary execution and use video clips to help train team members. Share frontline frustrations with your IT and software engineering teams.

Video functionality shows the ability to make clips and annotate

Segment Insights with Search

Segment your data by team, application, role, or any other measure that helps you drill down and understand how to help your team work smarter.

Search functionality with user, case type and case ID

Easily Import and Export Data

You have full access to your Fin data, enabling your data team to correlate Fin’s behavioral insights against other internal data sources. Securely push or pull data from any source using ETL connectors and REST APIs.

We include optional integrations and support for the most popular enterprise identity platforms. We offer native integrations with common CRMs like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Kustomer, unlocking insights without a single line of code.

Enterprise-Grade Privacy and Security

Our infrastructure, policies, and product are built for organizations with stringent privacy and security requirements. We have active security and fraud detection for high-risk interaction and comply with requirements such as HIPAA.

Fully customize user and data access permissions and document all team activity viewing. Configure sites and resources that should never be recorded and set blacklist/whitelist rules.

Surface Problems with User Annotations

Your frontline team can make a note in any application to call attention to a broken tool, highlight an excellent customer interaction, or make a note for their manager to cover later. These annotations along with Fin video to provide context can then be reviewed to improve processes or tools.

Annotation feature shows how to add and submit a message

Set Workflow Triggers

Easily set specific triggers to match URL patterns, usage patterns or specific interactions on a page. Receive alerts via email or webhook to integrate Fin with other systems.

Editable workflow with event triggers, conditions, actions and labels
product overview video

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Pricing That Works For You

Our pricing starts from just $20 per user per month and can be tailored to the needs of your team. With on-demand and reserved seat pricing, there is an option for everyone, regardless of your size of company.



per active user /month

ADD $10

for optional add-on per active user/ month for Screen & Audio recording

Meet teams working better with Fin

Client image - Scott Moran

We looked to understand productivity and maintain the high level of security that customers expect. Fin has provided critical insights into how we can enable a remote team during a period of rapid growth. We’ve since deployed Fin more broadly across our CX workforce.

Will Zhou

Director, Technology & Analytics, Coinbase

Client image - Scott Moran

“Fin helps us identify technology and process barriers outside of our team’s control and celebrate their successes that may have gone unnoticed. This not only helped to improve productivity but also build a better and more streamlined experience for employees.”

Matthew Caron

Head of Support and Onboarding @ Opentable

Client image - Avi Tal

Fin gives me insights to help our agents work more productively, saving countless hours by surfacing opportunities for greater efficiency across our organization. Fin enables us to continuously test and iterate on our user experience and better engage our teams as we scale.

Avi Tal


Client image - Scott Moran

One of our easiest solves ever was discovering that copy/pasting a company logo into email signatures on Zendesk was wasting nearly 20% of team utilization for a client.

Scott Moran

Founder, Go2

Client image - Scott Moran

“We are definitely seeing improvements in efficiency and compliance since implementing Fin. Fin enables us to measure agent productivity and understand their processes at a much larger scale.”

Site Operations Manager

Picnic Health

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