This gives you deep insights into exactly how processes, technology, and coaching impact your team and outcomes.
The data are further aggregated across individuals for a holistic view across your team.
Fin's Work Insights Platform rapidly reveals end-to-end workflows.
Fin's easy-to-install
Chrome Extension
seamlessly captures activity-level data.
Your team works across multiple applications, but it's hard for you to understand exactly how mission-critical work is done.
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Paint a complete and unbiased picture of workflows and productivity by capturing all browser activity across applications.

See Complete End-to-End Workflows

Fin offers out-of-the box process efficiency, agent utilization, process mapping diagrams, and more so that you can automatically see how work is done in real-time.

Process flows showing the time used in various use cases.
Automatically Understand Productive Time

Fin automatically parses which user activities are productive, right out of the box. Optionally collect other user attributes via ETL connectors, REST APIs, or native integrations for popular apps.

Fin displays business intelligence data, custom events and integrations.
Surface Real-Time User Feedback
The Fin extension annotation and tagging feature.

Stop wondering what your team is encountering. Fin allows users to flag broken tools, great interactions, or other feedback in the proper context, helping managers to address them more effectively.

Uncover the latest best practices and insights based on activity-level data capture and analysis.

Segment Insights by Teams, Roles, and More

Segment your data by team, application, role, or any other measure that helps you drill down and understand how to help your team work smarter.

Robust search use displaying the user, case type and case ID.
Dive Deeper through Audio and Video

With optional screen or audio recording, managers who need more visibility can deep dive into exact sources of higher performance or frustrations. Fin makes it easy to capture clips for QA & training.

Video and audio recording analytics.
Stay Informed with Activity Alerts

Easily set triggers to match URL patterns, usage patterns or specific interactions on a page. Receive alerts via email or webhook to integrate Fin with other systems.

A workflow for trigger events, conditions and actions.

Gain instant visibility with a browser plugin designed for effortless rollout and secure data capture.

Deploy Rapidly with a Lightweight Plugin

Installing Fin is as easy as adding a Chrome extension. Fin uses DOM fingerprinting to collect data from any application, even if homegrown, with no APIs. Companies can get started in minutes.

The Fin Chrome extension interfacing with web apps and websites.
Stay Safe with Enterprise-Grade Security

Fin was designed to comply with stringent privacy & security needs and maintains the latest certifications. We make it easy to control access and ensure that sensitive data is never even collected.

Security and privacy certifications
Maintain Control of Sensitive Data

With Fin, you’re in complete control of how your sensitive data is captured. Companies can either choose to use default data capture settings or customize exactly which data is captured or excluded.

Customizable video and audio data settings.
A stylized Fin dashboard with data insights.
Companies achieve more with Fin

Decrease in average handle time


Increase in agent utilization


Interactions identified with potential data leakage

how it works
Simple to set up, yet incredibly intelligent
Fin's browser plugin seamlessly captures interaction-level data across all browser applications to reveal powerful work insights
The process that Fin uses to extract and analyse data.
Browser Activity

Capture all URLs visited and time spent on each page

Custom Extractions

Optionally collect specific actions you care about, whether a button click, macro selected, or more.

Systems of Record

Import critical context directly from your main systems to guide future analysis.

Work Activity Dataset

Data across your team is aggregated and contextualized

work insights platform
Team Level Analysis
Case Level Analysis
A/B Testing
Recapture time at scale
without Fin
with Fin
Your team encounters setbacks throughout their work day, from technical issues to distractions, but you have no idea what these are or what is preventable.
Fin surfaces unnecessary steps and frustrations to help reduce distractions, keeping your team focused and “in the flow” at work. This enables more engaged and productive people and recaptures time at scale.
recaptured time
productive work
recaptured time
seeking help
technical issues
unnecessary steps
unnecessary steps
seeking help
technical issues
Keep your existing CX stack and quickly gain visibility with our turnkey browser plugin
Fin integrates with Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce and more.
privacy & security
We obsess over privacy and security so that you don't have to
Stay ahead of the curve by improving process, technology, and coaching
Plan CX team capacity

Get the real-time visibility you need for accurate workforce capacity planning to evolve your customer operations team and scale as customers grow

Manage remote agents

Get visibility into the roadblocks preventing remote agents from exceeding customer expectations and better empower your team

Manage BPO costs

Rest assured with Fin that you are optimizing Business Process Outsourcing performance and costs with hard data on agent performance and insights to improve

Optimize your tech stack

Better enable agents using powerful data and insights on how applications and hardware impact their work, allowing you to perfect your technology stack and prove ROI

Improve agent coaching

Uplevel coaching outcomes with data-backed insights on how to replicate behaviors proven to enhance the agent and customer journey

Fin for Zendesk

Gain visibility into the holistic journey that agents take, including outside of Zendesk, to make their lives easier