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User Data Policy

We encourage you to read this data policy to learn about the kinds of information The Fin Exploration Company (“Fin,” “us,” and “we”) collects when you use our products and services (the “Service), and how we use that information.

What kinds of information does Fin collect?

  • Information you provide to Fin. Fin collects all of the information you and/or your administrator provide to us when registering for the Service, including names, email addresses, passwords, job titles, and in most cases, the reporting structure of your organization. When you use our browser extension or desktop application (collectively, the “browser extension”), Fin may, depending on your settings, collect: video recordings of your screen(s), display(s), and browser(s); recordings of all audio coming in and out of your computer (including through any microphones, headphones, and speakers); as well as any annotations you add to videos. Fin also keeps track of when a recording is paused. Fin does not record audio and video if you pause recording or turn off that functionality.

  • Information Fin automatically collects from the browser extension. Fin’s browser extension will automatically send information to Fin to determine the level of your activity over time. This information includes, among other things: whether your browser and/or system is in use or active; the number of tabs you have open in the browser; the number and type (but not the content) of keystrokes, keypresses, mouse movements, scrolling, and clicks; and the number of times you copied and/or pasted something (but not the content of the information copied and/or pasted).

  • Information Fin gets from your browser. Fin collects information from and about each browser you use, including: the type and version of the browser; your location (including specific geographic location); the URLs you visit; your browsing behavior (including keeping track of the amount of time you spend on each URL and when you close a page); other browser extensions you have installed; and the number of times a browser notification is viewed, closed, or clicked. Fin also keeps track when your browser becomes active or inactive, along with any error messages and / or stack traces we receive from your browser and / or system programming interfaces. For each URL you visit Fin will collect: the page URL; the page icon URL; the page title; and the number and ID of each browser tab and window, along with what screen they are on and whether they are active.

  • Information Fin gets from your device. Fin collects Information from and about each device you use, including: the type of the device you use; the device’s operating system; the operating system version; any unique identifiers associated with your device; your IP address; your phone number; your mobile carrier; your location (including specific geographic location); any apps installed on your device (including browsers); whether your device is active or inactive; the total and available amounts of system memory (RAM); the processors available on your system (including model names and associated features); the amount of processing power being used (including User Time, Kernel Time, Idle Time, and System Time); the audio input / output devices currently attached to the system; and the displays currently attached to your system (including system reference numbers and resolutions). If you use different devices to access the Service, Fin can associate the information it collects from those different devices.

  • Other information Fin collects. Fin collects information related to your use of the Service, including statistical and performance information related to the provision and operation of the Service. Fin also collects Information about how you use and interact with our browser extensions, dashboards, and website.

How does Fin use the information it collects?

  • To provide the Service. Fin uses the information it collects to provide the Service and make it available to you and other members of your organization.

  • To provide Support. Fin uses the information it collects to provide support, and help prevent or address technical or other service-related issues.

  • To promote safety and security. Fin uses the information it collects to promote safety and security on and off of the Service, including investigating suspicious activity and violations of Fin’s terms or policies, and using the information to verify accounts and activity.

  • To learn from and improve the Service. Fin learns from, derives from, aggregates, and uses the information it collects to develop, create, enhance, improve, optimize, and maintain the Service, and otherwise create aggregated and derivative data from such information (collectively “Derivative Data”). This includes learning from and using the information to train, enhance, improve, optimize, and maintain Fin’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms (and develop and create new algorithms).

  • Other ways Fin uses the information. Fin may also use the information it collects as required by applicable laws, rules, or regulations, or as otherwise permitted by you in writing.

Does Fin share my information with third parties, such as advertisers or other Fin customers?

No. That said, your organization’s administrator and your manager may be able to access and view information we collect from you

In addition Fin may share any information it collects:

  • with the contractors, consultants, service providers, vendors, and other third parties who help Fin provide and improve the Service, but only as needed to perform their work for Fin;

  • with other companies we own, operate, or control, either now or in the future; and

  • in connection with a potential or actual change of ownership or control of all or part of Fin or its assets (such as in the case of a merger, acquisition, or reorganization).

All such parties will be obligated to use your data in a manner consistent with this data policy.

Does Fin share Derivative Data with third parties?

Fin may share Derivative Data with others, but only to the extent it is in a form that does not reasonably identify and is not attributable to you.

We may access, preserve, and share any information we collect in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order, subpoena, or government request or investigation) if Fin has a good faith belief that the law requires it to do so.

Does Fin use cookies or other tracking technologies?

Fin uses cookies and similar tracking technologies (collectively “Cookies”) to automatically collect information from and about your device and browser. Fin does not permit third party advertising networks to use Cookies to collect Information about Fin users.

How will Fin notify me about changes to this data policy?

Fin may make changes to this data policy by posting the updated version here, and updating the date of last revision at the bottom of this page. If Fin makes a material change to this data policy, Fin will also notify you by email.

How can I contact Fin if I have questions about this data policy?

If you have questions about this policy, you can send an email to or write to Fin at:

The Fin Exploration Company 564 Market St, Suite 316-2 San Francisco CA 94104

Date of last revision: April 29, 2019