Fin Contacts
$ 100

Per month

Contact anyone, get quality introductions.
  • Find phone numbers and emails for people you've recently met
  • Lookup accurate contact information for friends or colleagues
  • Get introduced to people that you have not yet met
  • Search for people that work at a particular company
  • Find information about someone who emailed you from an unfamiliar address

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$ 150

Per month

Includes everything from Fin Contacts and:
  • Save all your thoughts and todos
  • Remind you of things at the right time
  • Manage your calendar
  • Send emails on your behalf
  • Find facts

Fin Plus*

$35 / hr ($0.58 / min)

  • In-depth research
  • Book reservations and appointments
  • Deal with customer support issues for other service
  • Online shopping
  • Travel planning
*Because these tasks require significant human intervention, we charge an additional fee.

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If at any point you want to discontinue your service, just tell Fin that you would like to unsubscribe and you won't be billed in the future.