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Pricing FAQ

How does Fin determine how many effective minutes a task should take?

Whenever we complete a task, we use machine learning to compare the work we did for you with previous tasks performed by Fin employees, and find similarities between them. We look at things like the: emails, messages, and phone calls Fin sent and received; websites Fin visited; reminders Fin set; calendar events Fin scheduled; reservations and bookings Fin handled; voice memos Fin transcribed; and purchases Fin made. Once we find comparable tasks, we generate a range of time we think such a task should take, and then bill you within that range.

That said, there are instances in which it may be difficult to determine an accurate range of time within which a task should take. Similarly, users occasionally ask us to spend a particular amount of time on a particular task. In these cases, we may simply bill you for the actual number of minutes it took us to complete your request.

Why does Fin charge me in effective minutes?

Charging for effective instead of actual minutes makes pricing for similar tasks more predictable. For example, when your request is handled by a new Fin agent who needs more time to complete it than the average person, we’d charge less than the number of minutes it actually took them. Charging effective minutes also enables us to keep consistent pricing as we continue to improve our technology and make our service more efficient.

When do you charge me the monthly minimum?

You have a coupon that waives the monthly minimum.

Fin charges the monthly minimum of $120 to your credit card at the beginning of every monthly billing cycle (which we sometimes simply refer to as a month). In exchange, you will receive 120 prepaid effective minutes that can be used at any time during that month. We charge this amount upfront because in our experience, if you do not engage with Fin at least a little bit every month, the service ends up being less valuable to you.

When do you charge me for any additional effective minutes I incur?

At the end of each month, if you have exceeded the monthly minimum, we will email you a Statement indicating the exact number of additional, effective minutes you have incurred during that month, along with the exact amount we plan to charge the credit card you have on file. Our policy is to bill your credit card three (3) days after you have received your email statement.

How can I monitor how much Fin is charging me?

You can monitor how much Fin plans to charge you for the tasks you request at any time by navigating to your profile, and clicking on Receipts. There you will see a:

  • Work Report that breaks down the number of effective minutes we plan to bill you for each category of task you’ve requested;
  • Summary of how many included minutes you have used, as well as a total number of effective minutes we plan to bill you for;
  • Details section where you can see the details of how many effective minutes we plan to bill you for each specific task you’ve requested, along with the details of the specific things we did to complete the task.

You can also see your current monthly Statement, along with statements from previous billing cycles, by navigating to your profile, and clicking on Receipts.

What do I do if I feel like I am being overcharged for something?

If you feel like we have overcharged you for a particular task, just ask Fin to look into it. We will review it and, if we find a discrepancy, we will reduce the charge.

It is always best to bring these matters to our attention as soon as you can after receiving your monthly statement. As noted above, it is our policy is to bill your credit card three (3) days after you have received your email statement.

What happens if I do not use up my prepaid minutes?

If you do not use your prepaid effective minutes during any given month, you will not be able to use them in future months.

Is there anything else that you charge me for?

Whenever Fin completes a task you have requested, it may perform additional tasks related to your request that helps us improve the service for you and others. This type of work includes things that help us better administer the system, as well as manage the quality and efficiency of operations at the company. It also includes knowledge related tasks that make Fin more knowledgeable and useful for all Fin users. For example, if you ask Fin to make a reservation at a brand new restaurant that’s not yet in our system, we may record information about that restaurant, such as the phone number or location, in our system. This means that in some instances a specific task might require more effective-time to complete than it would without any view to the future, but over time Fin is a higher quality and more effective tool for everyone.

How do I cancel service?

Simply tell Fin you would like to unsubscribe, and you won’t be billed in the future.