Fin Contacts
$ 25

Per month

Contact anyone, get quality introductions.
  • Find phone numbers and emails for people you've recently met
  • Lookup accurate contact information for friends or colleagues
  • Get introduced to people that you have not yet met
  • Search for people that work at a particular company
  • Find information about someone who emailed you from an unfamiliar address

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Fin Assistant
$ 120

Per month

It costs $1.00 per minute worked, with a monthly minimum of 2 hours.

  • Includes all Fin Contacts features
  • 24x7 Human Backed AAI Assistance
  • Chat with Fin via iOS
  • Email Fin
  • Friends & Colleagues Can Email Your Fin Assistant
  • Custom Email Address
  • Photo and Voice Transcription
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Handle Phone Calls
  • Make Reservations, Book Appointments
  • Make Travel Plans
  • Share Your Payment / Sensitive Info via Fin Vault
  • Buy Stuff
  • Fill Out Web Forms
  • Draft Emails and Documents
  • Do Research
  • Save Notes
  • Pay Bills
  • Get Reminders
  • Setup Custom Preferences and Workflows
  • And, ask anything else you can think of...


If at any point you want to discontinue your service, just tell Fin that you would like to unsubscribe and you won't be billed in the future.