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New and Improved Process Exploration Capabilities

Fin has launched a new and powerful process exploration dashboard to help guide Business Process leaders towards the exact inefficiencies slowing down a workflow and their largest opportunities to drive performance improvement.

After a team prioritizes which processes to focus on, the next step is to explore what that workflow actually looks like across every agent on the team. This requires a deep understanding of all of the steps taken to complete a specific group of cases, the tools being used, agent trends in behavior, and the variance in work across the team.

Fin released a new and improved process exploration dashboard to help guide Business Process leaders towards the exact inefficiencies slowing down a workflow and their largest opportunities to drive performance improvement. These workflow and tool analyses focus on the longest 50-20% of case work because that is generally where teams see the largest payoff from direct process and product improvements, limiting the impact of other factors like coaching or training issues.

Fin’s Process Exploration Dashboards

The Full Process Diagram maps out all of the possible flows an agent might take when solving a case to quickly surface unnecessary context switching and understand the number of steps taken. With this chart, you can dig into the process maps of your top performing agents to understand best practices and how their processes differ from the rest of the team.


The Process Timeline visualizes the tools agents use during each step of a process as a percentage of total time worked. Learn how tool usage varies across the team and what the average behavior is within each core agent tool. You can also see whether agents are actively typing, deleting text, scrolling and reading, searching for information, typing in textbox, and other trends in behavior.

This can help teams pinpoint things like inefficient canned responses, unclear knowledge base articles or over usage of communication tools to ask questions and/or document information.


This shows the minutes your team spends in each tool when solving this case type to surface trends in behavior that result in more complex ticket resolutions and longer handle times.


You can easily filter each process diagram to distinct tool usage to understand the probability that tools will be used and the percent of total time worked throughout the case. Generally, teams may see a spike in their knowledge base or communication tools later down a workflow indicating the point team members stray from the documented SOP.


The Process Flow Diagram illustrates how agents switch from one tool to another for each unique process step. This can help you know what tools agents are using during this step of a process and what tools they normally go to.


The next step to uncover opportunities is digging into a breakdown of the resources used by case type. This allows you to see the total time spent in different resources, the number of times that resource is accessed, the average duration per case, and the overall behavioral trends agents follow in each.


Fin also automatically groups resource analyses by knowledge base articles, google applications, web searches, and communication tools. Analyze the materials consuming the most time to surface opportunities to update documents, consolidate information, or remove any rogue or outdated resources.



Leaders can’t make the right decision on how to improve a process without knowing what’s actually happening on the front line. With this added layer of process insight, teams can start updating business processes, resources, and tools to more effectively optimize the speed and quality of work.


Fin Analytics gives your team ‘full funnel’ insights into your team’s work. Continuous live video and action logging you get the insights you need to provide better coaching and training, and the analytics you need to know where to focus process and engineering resources

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