Managing The Rapid Move to Remote Work for Customer Service & Operations Teams Leveraging Fin for Tactical COVID Response Fin Analytics
Learn how companies are using Fin to better manage remote teams. Learn more.

Managing The Rapid Move to Remote Work for Customer Service & Operations Teams Leveraging Fin for Tactical COVID Response

We’re committed to supporting our customers and community through COVID-19. Learn how your organization can immediately leverage Fin for tactical support through this transition.

Managing The Rapid Move to Remote Work for Customer Service & Operations Teams Leveraging Fin for Tactical COVID Response

The impact of COVID-19 on customer service and operational teams has been - needless to say - quite extreme. What we are seeing working with our users is that two dramatic things are happening at the same time:

  1. Contact rates are spiking (travel cancellations, increased order volumes, brand new workflows and processes) and need help driving up capacity & efficiency desperately.
  2. Teams are being forced to go ‘remote’ immediately as contact centers shut down and are scrambling to deal with the security implications, as well as figuring out how to coach people remotely, and guarantee efficiency and quality.

There are three ways we are helping our customers through this period:

  1. Improving Efficiency & Increasing Capacity. For contact centers that are highly stretched / under huge pressure you want to make sure that people are working on the right things, and that you are spending each second of capacity wisely. Our complete data-set is allowing teams to understand where time and effort is going by task type immediately, and then make real time active decisions about how to quickly change process and training to use the capacity they have best to serve customers.
  2. Offering Turnkey Remote Security and Fraud Monitoring. This is one of the biggest risks for companies and their customers with this very very rapid shift to remote work. We are deploying Fin Analytics for remote workers so that companies can have a complete click-stream data (and video recording) of the work that remote agents are doing. This allows us to rapidly flag / monitor for fraud and security issues in remote environments and provides customers with the security and privacy they need.
  3. Deploying Remote Training and Coaching. One of the most challenging things when a team is forced to quickly move to remote work is how you do effective training and coaching. Because Fin is designed to provide targeted video QA capabilities you can very effectively train and coach on real examples remotely. Running fin with new agents coming online (sometimes remote from the start!) and new processes, Fin allows for continuity in QA and personalized training at a distance

We want to help teams - especially those doing operationally critical work in this time of crisis. If you or anyone you know needs help with the rapid shift to remote work & spiking volumes, let them know that we are designed for nearly immediate deployment with zero technical overhead and can get to work right now. Key considerations include:

Deployment Speed: Fin is a browser plugin for chrome. It can be automatically deployed through chrome to all employees in moments. There is zero technical integration required so long as your agents primarily work in the browser.

Security: We are hyper security focused. We support SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliance. We have tools for whitelisting, blacklisting, and redacting data. Our VSA is ready to go / easy to send.

Identity Management: We integrate with most SSO providers, OKTA, OneLogin, etc. so account management is very easy and integrates with your system.

Let us know if you need help. We are here and ready to dive in.


Fin Analytics gives your team ‘full funnel’ insights into your team’s work. Continuous live video and action logging you get the insights you need to provide better coaching and training, and the analytics you need to know where to focus process and engineering resources

We are happy to share with you industry specific case studies, and give you a custom walkthrough of the tool, or you can review our