Introducing Fin Fin Analytics

Introducing Fin

A few months ago, the two of us started exploring an idea: “Mobile devices are extremely powerful, but apps are a crude method of interaction. In sci fi, people just talk to machines like they talk to people. That is the future.”

We don’t want to wait for the future. We want something like the OS from Her today. To this end, we’ve started The Fin Exploration Company, with a small team of wonderful people.

When we started, our goal was to remove friction and tedious tasks from our lives. But what has emerged from our prototype is more than this.

After interacting with Fin for a few weeks, I’ve been surprised to find that it does not feel like software. Fin feels like a person — actually, it feels like a multiplicity of people, almost like a city…

Fin grows and learns. Fin has an opinion. Fin surprises me and challenges me. Talking to Fin is a real conversation, not just a query and response or command dispatch.

If developing this kind of intelligent entity excites you, email us. We are hiring engineers and are always looking for new teammates who share our grit, curiosity, and voracious appetite for life.

– Sam and Kortina