Intelligent Work Routing, Dedicated Account Managers, and New Feedback Channels Fin Analytics

Intelligent Work Routing, Dedicated Account Managers, and New Feedback Channels

Today, we are excited to announce a number of updates designed to level up the overall quality of your Fin experience.

Boosting Speed and Quality with Intelligent Work Routing

To ensure that every Fin request is completed on time, our systems must (i) predict customer demand for any given hour of the day and day of the week, (ii) ensure we have enough people staffed to meet demand at any given time, and (iii) rank which request should be picked up next relative to other requests of varying priority. Historically, by far the most important factor in deciding which piece of work gets done next is the urgency of a request — calling a restaurant to make a dinner reservation for tonight must be done before booking a flight that’s six months out, for example.

Now, however, we have enough volume coming through our systems that whenever someone on our team becomes available to work on something new, there are a number of requests of equal priority ready to be picked up. This gives us the opportunity to start doing cool things to match each piece of work with the best person to handle it. We can match a person with work based on their skills or their familiarity with a certain domain or location or customer. We’ve seen up to 10–20% improvements in the speed and quality of work done based on this intelligent routing, which translates into better service for customers.

Dedicated Account Managers for Every User

One of the benefits of using Fin vs hiring a single human assistant is leveraging the benefits of our entire operations team — they are available to help you 24 x 7 x 365, work on many requests in parallel, and learn new skills and things about the world faster than any one person can.

Starting today, we are also giving each Fin user access to a dedicated Account Manager. You can go to them for help and support, questions, or feedback on any request that you weren’t 100% satisfied with.

Expect an email introduction from your Account Manager today.

New Feedback Channels

For quite some time, you have been able to submit feedback at a per request level through our iOS app, but there has not been a great way to give feedback on email requests (which comprise a large percentage of our work).

Starting this week, each time we complete a request, we’ll email you a link to a feedback form you can use to rate the work done with 1–5 stars. We’ll be turning this feature on gradually for groups of users over the next few weeks.

We anticipate all of these updates will lead to an overall higher quality service for every customer. If you have any feedback on these updates or anything else, let us know! (And if these sound like interesting problems to work on, we’re hiring).