Fin has gotten dramatically higher quality and lower cost over the past few months Fin Analytics

Fin has gotten dramatically higher quality and lower cost over the past few months

Over the past few months, we have made a number of big improvements to the service that I wanted to share with you. In addition to launching a host of new features (which I outline below), we have also made Fin both much higher quality and much lower cost.

50% Improvement in Quality Score

The killer feature of Fin is the confidence you can trust we’ll handle even the most critical tasks–the ones that you wouldn’t ask of a pure software assistant or VA outsourcing service because the cost of error is too high–at the high quality level you could historically only get by hiring a full time EA.

Because customers trust us with critical tasks like booking flights and scheduling important meetings, we track and review every potential quality issue and are obsessed with driving constant improvement through metrics and performance management. The result has been an over 50% improvement in our internal quality score over the past few months.

25% to 40% Price Reduction

In addition to driving much higher quality, we’ve also dramatically improved efficiency with better tools and workflows, resulting in a 25% to 40% price decrease in requests across all major categories in May 2018 vs Jan 2018.

In short, we are delivering higher quality work at lower cost.

In addition, we’ve also released a bunch of new features.

Recurring Requests Dashboard

You can set routine chores like booking haircuts and doctor appointments or paying bills on autopilot with our new Recurring Requests Dashboard.

Daily Executive Summary

We now send a consolidated summary of all work completed, requests in progress, and important meetings for the day. It’s the one, must read email to help you get started each day.

Phone Answering

Fin can now answer inbound calls for you, and we’ve heard tons of great feedback from customers forwarding their work number to have us pick up (instead of voicemail) or using this as a reception desk for their businesses.

Weekly Phone Syncs

We’ve begun offering a weekly live phone call with Fin to let you braindump and delegate everything you need help with for the week. We’ll also proactively look at your calendar and suggest things we can take off your plate.

Meeting Confirmations

We’ll send an email confirmation a few hours before each meeting on your calendar to ensure all attendees have the key details and make any last minute changes you may need.

Slack Integration

Now you can send requests to Fin via Slack, if that’s where you spend most of your day.

Bulk Discounts

We’re now offering higher tier subscriptions which give you discounted rates if you know you need a significant amount of assistance each month.

Fin for Teams

Consolidated billing and reporting for your entire team.

I’m really excited about all the improvements we have been making over the past few months and hope you enjoy them. As always, let us know if you have any feedback!

– Kortina