Debugging Utilization on a Team and Individual Level Fin Analytics
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Debugging Utilization on a Team and Individual Level

In this post, we’ll uncover how Ops leaders can accurately measure utilization trends, calculate their incremental opportunity to improve, and debug agent-level opportunities to drive their top-line metrics.

Optimizing utilization is a huge opportunity for improving overall productivity and work output. However, it’s impossible to know how much of your team’s day is spent actively engaged and working without comprehensive measurement and process analytics.

In this post, we’ll uncover how Ops leaders can accurately measure utilization trends, calculate their incremental opportunity to improve, and debug agent-level inefficiencies to drive team performance.

1-Use Internal and External Benchmarks to Understand Opportunity Size:

The first step when debugging utilization is understanding how much capacity you can gain based on improvements to efficiency and productive work on your team. Our true utilization metrics and benchmarking provide a real-time waterfall of the hours your team is online, actively working, and focused on support cases.

We baseline to your top performing quintile to show you what is possible when everyone is fully engaged on your team (i.e. your internal performance benchmark) and compare your team’s average to what similar types of organizations are able to achieve as well (i.e. your external performance benchmark).


2-Calculate the Incremental Cost Savings of Utilization Improvements:

Teams can also calculate the projected annual cost savings of improving average utilization to match their top performers by using the equation below. These two sets of analyses provide organizations with a clear picture of what occupancy looks like to help scientifically improve workforce management, set realistic performance goals, and ensure you are using your capacity effectively.

Utilization $ Savings = ( Top % / Avg % ) * Agent Hourly Rate * Hours Worked Annually * Team Size


3-Uncover Individual Opportunities to Drive Utilization:

Fin’s per employee breakdown allows you to see exactly how much time your team spends idle during the day or throughout the week and identifies the agents driving top-line performance trends.


Our dashboards allow you to click each agent profile for their timelines of activity, utilization by time of day or day of week, handle time by work category, and more to debug what might be driving utilization on a more granular level. Once managers surface opportunities for improvement, they can focus their efforts on delivering personalized feedback and coaching to the agents who need it most.


You can also segment utilization by team type, work category, and vendor or partner name to further uncover utilization patterns and opportunities to explore deeper.



Measuring utilization is low hanging fruit for optimizing the efficiency of your operations. The earlier you can catch underutilized team members, build consistent feedback loops, and quantify the impact of any productivity improvements, the more your operations team will drive for your business without unnecessarily increasing operating expenditures as your organization scales.


Fin Analytics gives your team ‘full funnel’ insights into your team’s work. Continuous live video and action logging you get the insights you need to provide better coaching and training, and the analytics you need to know where to focus process and engineering resources

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