We’re Partnering With Tonkean to Promote Changemakers Fin Analytics
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We’re Partnering With Tonkean to Promote Changemakers

Fin Analytics has partnered with Tonkean for a virtual hackathon on December 7-11 to help non-profits and tech’s top talent come together to drive change.

2020 has knocked us down but our communities are fighting back. Nonprofits and community groups are leading the hard battle to recovery and now more than ever, we need to make changes from the ground up.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially partnered with Tonkean for their Changemakers campaign. Whether your organization is a large, sprawling enterprise with thousands of employees, or a 10-person nonprofit affecting change through grit and determination, achieving increased operational success is a matter of holistically optimizing your unique and complex combination of people, processes, and tools.

Nonprofits have the passion and vision to affect change but so many of them are burdened with operational challenges that slow them down. So, we’ve joined with Tonkean to launch a Virtual Hackathon that connects tech’s smartest minds with the nonprofits that need their help to run efficiently.

Fin is a uniquely fitting partner for Tonkean. Tonkean sees itself as an operating system that brings together people, processes and tools via powerful automation. And Fin Analytics also focuses on that intersection of people, processes and tools—specifically by providing teams with access to powerful, real-time process analytics and productivity data.

Through Changemakers, we will lend nonprofits and makers access to the Fin platform for data capture, reporting, and video playback as a resource to gain insight into their day-to-day operations. So equipped, the makers we’ve enlisted will have a uniquely dynamic toolset with which to understand and optimize complex business processes and help nonprofits bring their operations to the next level.

Join Changemakers Virtual Hackathon on December 7-11th, where you will:

Be Partnered: Nonprofits will be paired with one or more business operations experts for a full week of service to improve the nonprofit’s operational efficiency. ● Get free access to Fin and Tonkean’s Platforms: Each ops professional will be matched with a nonprofit based on their specific expertise and the organization’s operational needs, and will be provided access to both Fin and Tonkean’s business operations platforms to understand and orchestrate their processes.

We really couldn’t be more excited—and we hope you are, too. If you’re interested, visit https://tonkean.com/changemakers/ to learn more.


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