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How wins with Fin

This case study explores the world of conversational messaging with our friends at

Avi Tal, Verse CEO and co-founder, dropped by to share his experiences working with Fin.
Avi is based in San Diego, California.

Avi Tal, CEO and co-founder
Fin enables our teams to work more productively, saving us countless hours by surfacing opportunities to improve efficiency across our organization.

Fin helps us continuously iterate on our user experience and empower our people as we scale.

- Avi Tal, CEO and co-founder

Avi, tell us about your company

Verse is a lead conversion platform. We help businesses follow up and convert more leads by instantly engaging them in a 2-way text conversation. All driven by powerful AI together with highly trained representatives. Qualified opportunities are passed directly to your sales team, letting them focus on the right opportunities at the right time, ultimately closing more deals. Logo
Fin helps us with tracking things down and saves us a ton of time. With Fin, it’s very easy for us to identify what went wrong.

- Avi Tal, CEO and co-founder

What challenge you were facing when you discovered Fin?

Fin has helped us in a few ways. Part of our business is managing a distributed workforce. Our call center agents, the Concierge Team, are hired, trained, and work from home. It’s challenging to staff perfectly, and understand where team time is spent so that we can make the company as efficient as possible. Fin surfaces this data for us.

We have AI that automates parts of the conversation, and let’s say we release an AI enhancement that’s automating 10% more. That’s awesome, and that goes directly to our margin. But if we make a UI/UX improvement that makes people work faster, cutting down time spent per case, that can also lead to a 10% speed improvement and contribute the same amount to margins as AI does. So, we consider the two on the same playing field. We’re always looking at ways to improve AI, but we’re also always looking at ways to improve the UI/UX that our human workforce uses. The faster we go, the more the team is capable of. The margins only go up from there.

We also use Fin for screen recording and playback. It can be challenging to understand what went wrong for a customer. For example, a customer may wonder why we did ‘x’ or how they missed a notification. If we tried to figure that out through logs it would be tedious, but looking at a video review, it is a lot easier to kind of understand where we could improve. Logo
Our call center agents, the Concierge Team, are hired, trained, and work from home. It’s challenging to staff perfectly, and understand where team time is spent so that we can make the company as efficient as possible. Fin surfaces this data for us.

- Avi Tal, CEO and co-founder

Fin helps with bug reporting, too. We built our software from the ground up, nothing is out of the box, so… there are some bugs. Especially in the early days. Through Fin, we get feedback from our human workforce directly and with a video clip to go along with it. This feature has been really helpful. We just plug in the lead ID into Fin, and review the videos that are recorded related to that.

Fin helps our engineers understand network related issues and financial impact. They may have a hunch that a bug is related to the team’s internet speed, but now we can see it. This gives us a better overall view of average speeds where our people are. Variations in work from home setups affect work performance, too.

How long have you been using Fin?

We’ve been using Fin for two years now. It’s part of our employee onboarding – Fin is one of the tools pre-installed on your computer when you join. We want our managers to always have Fin’s toolset so they can identify coaching moments.

Who uses Fin on your team?

Our contact center reps, we call them our Concierge Team. Our Concierge Team is about 50 today.

Why SMS?

The data confirms what we already know, nobody likes answering the phone anymore, especially from a random number. However, the open rate with SMS is 98%, with a 90% open rate within the first three minutes (!!) We give people the option from there to continue the dialogue via text or phone, 83% preferring to continue via SMS. Those who indicate they want a phone call pick up 94% of the time. 89% of consumers prefer to communicate with brands via text and only 6% of businesses leverage it as a marketing tool. That’s where we come in.

Talk to us about your ideal customer:

Today, our platform is agnostic and can work with any customer, but we’re definitely focused on home services. We’re focused on high consideration, consumer purchases which include buying a home, getting a mortgage, installing solar on your house, changing a roof, changing your floors, replacing your windows, remodels, talking with financial advisors, etc. B2C use cases where there’s a high volume of inbound leads being generated. It’s something that requires speaking to a sales rep or getting a demo. We’re enabling those sales professionals, and the customers they speak with, to spend their time more purposefully. Nobody likes wasting time.

What’s next for Verse?

We’re going deeper into enterprise. Working on certain things like SOC2 and HIPAA compliance. We’re looking to speed up our deal cycle and working on an API, so that customers can more easily integrate. We’ll be one of the first to offer our customers the ability to register their brands with cellular carriers, so all the texts/phone calls made from our platform will show the company’s brand on the Caller ID. Additionally, leveraging the AI and human tools we’ve already built, we can have two way conversations over email the same way we do using SMS, so in the near future we’ll be launching and promoting an email-only product that’s cheaper and more tailored to SaaS/B2B companies. To learn more about Verse, visit

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