Automation and Data Labeling with Workflows Fin Analytics

Automation and Data Labeling with Workflows

Use workflows to index your agent workstream data and drive automation with webhooks, browser notifications, and triggered emails.

We just overhauled the rules engine for Fin Analytics so you can now setup more powerful automation based on the browser activity of your operations or support team.

The new Workflows tool allows you to do things like:

  • Update a Slack channel whenever an agent files a bug or asks a question through the Fin Analytics browser extension
  • Post a Webhook to Zapier whenever someone starts their shift
  • Show a browser notification warning an agent when they visit an outdated resource
  • Automatically redact screen recording video when someone visits a protected or sensitive resource
  • Ping a line manager or shift captain when someone goes idle for X minutes
  • Add a row to a recruiting Airtable whenever someone visits a LinkedIn profile
  • Automatically label video with case_ids, ticket_numbers, or customer_ids based on visits to URLs matching a pattern / regex in your CRM (like Zendesk or Front)

How it works

Workflows consume 3 types of Trigger Events or inputs:

  • Page Views
  • Blocks of inactivity
  • Annotations made from the Fin browser extension

For each input, you can configure the conditions you would like your Workflow to fire on (eg, when a URL matches a specific pattern).

Finally, you setup an action / output that you want to happen each time your Workflow runs. The current available Actions are:

  • Log Event. Label the video timeline for an agent, so you can, eg, navigate to all the times someone worked on a Zendesk case with a particular ticket number.
  • Send Email. Email an agent or their manager.
  • Send Webhook. Log data to your custom backend or trigger an automation, eg, with Zapier.
  • Chrome Notification. Display a browser notification to an agent.
  • Redact Video. Delete 5 minutes of video surrounding the Trigger Event.

Zendesk Workflow

Auto-labeling data

To get you started, we are including a bunch of Workflows for every organization to automatically extract information about different units of work we have commonly seen teams doing, eg:

  • label support ticket numbers in CRMs like Zendesk and Front
  • label customers handled and refunds processed with the Shopify admin tools
  • label refunds and customers handle through the Stripe dashboard
  • label emails processed in Gmail
  • label docs, spreadsheets, and presentations worked on with GSuite apps
  • label tasks in project managers like Asana and Trello
  • label time spent in various Slack channels
  • label LinkedIn profiles visited
  • label pull requests reviewed in GitHub
  • and many more

This means you’ll have pointers to each screen recording for these work tasks, as well as stats around time spent per task at the individual and team level.

And it will all ‘just work’ out of the box.

Try it out

Get started by visiting your Workflows dashboard on Fin Analytics now.

Let us know if you set up any cool automations we should share with others or if there are different resources you need help setting up logging for. We have found this to be a powerful new tool and look forward to seeing how others use it.


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