Introducing Fin Scheduler

Kortina, Jake, Ben, 19 Sep 2018

One of the critical functions of a great assistant is time management--a great assistant helps you allocate your time optimally, coordinate with all the people you are meeting, and makes sure you don't miss anything (which becomes more likely the busier you are).

Today, we are launching a free service, Fin Scheduler, that performs many of the time management functions of a great assistant.

Note-taking is an important part of managing your day, planning and staying organized. We’ve made it simple for you to take notes during your meetings and send them to yourself or to all attendees.

Every morning, like a great assistant, Fin Scheduler will scan your calendar looking for potential problems.

Are you double booked?
Are there unconfirmed HOLDs?
Are there meetings without a location or calls without a dial in?

As a bonus, Fin Scheduler will augment every meeting with key details about each attendee:

Who are you meeting?
What do they look like?
When did you last meet with them?

If you need help with your calendar, give it a shot and let us know what you think.