Introducing NotaBene, the fastest way to send notes to yourself or an assistant

Rob, Kortina, Sam , 4 Sep 2018

Today, we are releasing a new iOS and Android app that is designed to be the fastest way to send off a short email from your phone. It is ideal for sending notes to yourself, or requests to an assistant (fin or otherwise)

Lots of ideas come up when you're on the go or in conversation, but it typically doesn't make sense to execute on that idea from your phone (because the keyboard is tiny and the phone is distracting).

It makes more sense to defer the task to later, when you are back at a full computer, or to delegate the task to your assistant (if you have one).

Email is a natural medium for both of these types of notes, but composing an email on your phone is actually kind of tedious--you have to load up your email app, find the right recipients, type a subject line, and a body.

Our new app for iOS, NotaBene, circumvents all of this extraneous tapping, and gives you shortcuts for emailing your favorite people. You can save your own email, your assistant's, your roommates' emails (it works with lists too!), etc, and then have a shortcut for dispatching a note in a just few seconds.

If you are looking for the lightest weight possible note taking solution or the most efficient way to send requests to your assistant, try it out!

Oh, and of course, it works well with Fin, if you use us as your assistant.

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