Customize Preferences for all of Your Key Workflows

Kortina , 20 Aug 2018

Today, we are releasing a big update that gives you more control of how you set and manage preferences for how Fin handles all of your requests. In this post, I'll briefly talk about why this change is important and then walk through how the new features work in more detail.


When you work with a great assistant for many years, they get to know you extremely well. They learn whether you prefer window or aisle seats on flights, what time is OK for your earliest work meeting to start, what your dietary restrictions are, who your dentist is, etc.

Typically, a person learns these preferences over time, gradually learning your preferences as they complete different types of tasks for you. Historically, this is also how Fin has learned preferences about you: the first time you ask Fin to book a dentist appointment, Fin learns and remembers your dentist's name and address and your dental insurance information.

While a human assistant probably stores this information in their brain or in a scratch document on their computer, Fin stores all of this information in a structured search index. This enables anyone on our team who works on a task for you to instantly see the relevant preferences (and, importantly, none of the irrelevant preferences) for completing the type of task at hand.

Today, we are launching a customer visible interface that allows you to see all the information about your preferences the way our team of agents sees it. You can see exactly how Fin will do work on your behalf, and make updates if your preferences change.

How it Works

Login to and visit your preferences dashboard here:

Here you'll have the opportunity to add multiple preferences for many different categories of work that Fin can handle for you.

As Fin learns about you, these will automatically get filled out by our team.

You can invest in 'onboarding' or 'training' your Fin assistant with all of your preferences, so that when you do ask for something in the moment, Fin can execute on it as efficiently as possible with fewer round trips (this is particularly important when you send an urgent request to Fin and step away from your email for a few hours, for example).


We've looked through thousands of the requests that we performed on behalf of our customers and examined all of the custom workflows they have setup along along the way to generate what we believe is a very comprehensive list of all the things a great assistant should know in order to give you excellent service.

For flight bookings, you can set your TSA Precheck Number, Aisle vs Window Preference, Passport Information, etc.

For doctor and dentist visits, you can save your office contact information and insurance details.

For car rentals, you can save your driver's license info, preferred service, and login information.

For meetings, you can save things like your preferred meeting length, dial in number, default meeting place, and earliest available time.

And as always, you can use natural language to describe your most nuanced preferences. Here's an example of how I describe how to select seats when Fin books flights for me:

It is much more important to me that I get a seat as close as possible to the front of the plane than whether I get aisle/window/middle.

To fully customize how your Fin assistant handles every workflow, visit the new preferences page here.

In addition to ensuring work will always be performed exactly to your specifications, it's also a great way to learn about a bunch of ways Fin can help you that you may not have even realized were possible.