Live Call Answering - Forward Your Phone to Fin

Kortina, 19 Jun 2018

Today, we are excited to announce the broad release of a new service we have been beta testing with select customers over the past few weeks: you can now forward your phone to Fin to handle all of your inbound phone calls.

Our new Live Phone Answering service gives you a unique phone number that will be answered by Fin agents. Once you set this up and start forwarding your existing phone number, whenever you get an inbound phone call, we'll send you a text message with the name and phone number of the person calling. You can join the call yourself if you’d like to answer:

Or, you can let Fin answer, and we'll handle the call (sending you a follow-up SMS once we’ve answered and spoken to the caller), take any important notes, and send you a summary to let you know if you need to follow up in any way with the caller.

So far, we've heard that customers are using this for:

  • A white glove alternative to sending calls from clients to voicemail
  • A first pass filter to sift out calls that need you on the line vs those that don't
  • A way to handle urgent calls when you're in meetings all day
  • Relaxing more on vacations
  • Handling callbacks from service providers (particularly useful when Fin was the one that set up the booking in the first place)
  • Giving out the Live Phone Answering number to parties from whom you don’t wish to receive direct calls

We've heard that customers who forward their cell phone number to their Live Phone Answering number are getting the most value out of this service, but if you prefer, you can also just give out your dedicated number to select clients and contacts.

If you'd like to try this out, go here to enable the service and setup call forwarding.