My Next 300 Minutes Using Hybrid Intelligence

Prince Boucher, 23 Apr 2018

Streamline My Life

Two months in San Francisco, and I’m living my best life. Last month I used 300 effective minutes to help set up my living situation. Using Fin is game changing because I can focus on being creative, technical, and distraction free. In the past, I’d always worry about what I have to do, but now I’m not thinking about following-up on a calendar invite, waiting on the phone with customer service, or forgetting to pay a bill. Even better, I can focus on writing articles and chatting with the community instead of hunting down chairs or dealing with catering options. Now, I can stay focused on the most important things and do more.

This month, I’m settled and using Fin for personal and work. Here’s what it looked like:

Schedule and cancel reservations at Nopa

  • 4.9 minutes of scheduling

Amy and I have been talking about having dinner at Nopa, so Fin booked us a reservation. More often than not, getting a reservation at Nopa is challenging. Fin booked and scheduled our reservation in less than five minutes.

Schedule Super Weekend in LA

  • 44.9 minutes
  • 41 web pages visited
  • 6 calendar events scheduled

I was driving down to LA and didn't calendar my events, but had everything in my head. It was quite remarkable that I was able to brain dump my schedule so Fin could coordinate the whole weekend.

This is what it looked & sounded like:

  • Book Birthday Brunch w/ Ian
  • Hang with friends
  • Calendar traffic court
  • Meet with Uncles

Schedule meeting with Shuo

  • 2.4 minutes of scheduling
  • 2 web pages visited

Shuo is a Global Shaper and moderator for Shaper Talks. Last month we discussed a conversation with Sam Lessin, Fin founder, about the Future of Work. In preparation, Fin booked Shuo and I a meeting to discuss the event near the office.

Research and purchase chairs and catering for ShaperTalk

  • 67.4 minutes
  • 97 web pages visited
  • 6 calendar events scheduled

Our responsibility for #ShaperTalk was to provide chairs and catering. Fin made that easy. Over 60 people attended and everyone was eager to try Fin. Watch the live stream here.

Schedule Haircut

  • 30.3 minutes

The #ShaperTalk was a day away, and I needed a haircut. I asked Fin to book me an appointment near the office or home between 2PM - 7PM. I was specific that I wanted a place like Fellow Barber, but not a salon.

I was impressed with the distance from the office, along with the style of the establishment. Most importantly, I was happy with the haircut. I’ll be going back there, plus now Fin knows my spot.

Book Flight to FORM

  • 30.5 minutes

Kortina will be speaking on The Future of Work at FORM, so Fin booked our flights.

Remember & Pay Parking Bill

  • 11.3 minutes

Fin reminded me about my forgotten parking bill. I asked Fin to pay the bill. Within minutes, I received a confirmation with my receipt.

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