Hybrid Intelligence Resume

Prince Boucher, 10 Apr 2018

Building a hybrid system is complex, and explaining one is just as challenging. We want you to understand the value and experience Fin has to offer. Resumes help employers understand the capabilities of a hire, so we made one for Fin.


Cover Letter

I am a personal agent looking to help you get back time. Combining strengths in emotional intelligence and technical skills makes me a finisher. In no time, you’ll be telling all your friends and colleagues about your newest hybrid agent, Fin.

I've acquired degrees in psychology, humanities, philosophy, computer science, and business. My team created state-of-the-art technology so I can move fast and memorize everything. Processes are vital to being organized, so I’ve created an intelligent routing framework to boost speed and quality.

My services cost $1 per effective minute. You can scale up or down in a day, or over the week, so the cost of doing business doesn’t block you. Our vision is to help you stay focused and do more.



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