Fin for Teams

Laura Almeida, 2 Apr 2018

Today we are excited to announce Fin for Teams. With Fin for Teams you can now share Fin with your whole team and manage activity and usage as an administrator; no matter how large your organization.

Fin for Teams is designed to help your whole team operate efficiently and get your time back.

View your whole team and send invites, seamlessly

Create your team on Fin and add as many team members as you choose. Each team member you add will receive an invitation to join your team on Fin and begin using their new personal assistant, immediately.

Activity Tracking

As an account administrator, you can see exactly how your whole organization is using Fin. You get visibility into each completed and outstanding task for each person on your team, as well as overall usage statistics and alerts.

Usage and Alerts

We recognize that many teams want to sign up their team members to benefit from having their own assistant, while also monitoring usage. To make this easy, we have created the ability for you to set specific usage quotas for each person on your team to allow you to stay on budget. We’ve started you off with available usage benchmarks for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom thresholds.


Teams are doing amazing things with Fin. We’re excited to continue building more features to empower each team to utilize Fin’s capabilities and get their time back to focus on the more important things. If there’s a feature you’re hoping we’ll add, just drop us a note.