300 Minutes with My New Chief of Staff

Prince Boucher, 12 Mar 2018

How Fin helped transition my life, while starting a job in a new city.

I moved to San Francisco a week before my first day at Fin, without a place to live. My friends let me stay with them while I figured out my housing situation. On my first day, I took the bus and arrived at work with ease. Onboarding included a laptop, tour of the office, and 300 minutes of Fin for whatever my heart desires.

I’m familiar with Fin because I joined the alpha launch in 2016. I became immediately interested in achieving flow. Fin limited typing emails, clicking through my calendar, and writing down lists. Instead, my voice organized everything. I generated more output in my life, even while walking, driving, and running. Experiencing Fin’s vision helped me understand its impact for our future.

Now, I’m learning how to use Fin in a different way. I had to finish several tasks by the following week, or my costs would balloon. For example, I brought my car to San Francisco > without a plan for parking. In one week, I spent over $250 on garage fees and a street parking violation. This is when Fin became handy.

My first request researched parking under $250 within 2 miles of my current address

  • 38 minutes of research
  • 108 web pages visited
  • Fin confirmed my address before searching

After making the request, I spent about 15 minutes searching Parking in SF. The results were overwhelming. I couldn’t find anything under $250 in that time, so I moved on and waited for Fin’s results.

Fin found a parking garage for $230!

Several days later, I paid for my service at the parking garage and learned about two policies. Paying my bill on the last day of the month and canceling my subscription 7 days before the end of the month. Immediately, I picked up my phone and used Fin again.

Remind me to pay my parking bill 2 days before the end of each month

  • 19.7 minutes of research

The month was coming to an end and I still didn’t have a place to live. Rushing into a bad situation isn’t ideal, so I decided to research a sublet for a month until I had some free time. That’s when I remembered Fin could help me find an Airbnb.

Research Airbnb temporary housing within a mile of my office

  • 20.3 minutes of research
  • 42 web pages visited
  • Fin confirmed office address before search

That weekend, my friends asked me to move into their place. I didn’t sign the lease yet, so I asked Fin to set another reminder.

Reminder to cancel or renew parking 7 days before end of month

  • 9.7 minutes of research

I was curious why it took 9.7 minutes to fulfill this request. Because the previous reminder to pay my monthly subscription took 19.7 minutes. I reached out and Fin responded, “…Your previous request required several reminders. For this request, you requested that I remind you about your parking bill seven days before the end of the month.” I felt resolve and moved on.

My friends are incredible hosts, so I wanted to gift them something for the house. I asked what they needed, and they requested an espresso machine. That’s when I called on my chief of staff, Fin.

Shop for an espresso machine under $150

  • 14.2 minutes of research
  • 20 web pages visited

Additionally, the house needed an extra air mattress and the couch was a horrible place to sleep for a month.

Research the three best blow-up air mattresses with a pump under $200

  • 21.4 minutes
  • 26 web pages visited

Fin results via ‘blow up mattress’ request I’ve been missing Fin since my alpha user days in early 2016, and it seems the product has only gotten better. Here are some of the updates I’m grateful for:

1. Transparency of work: I’m able to see how many minutes and seconds it took to work on my task, plus see all the pages Fin browsed to get to the best result.

2. Empathy from Fin: Getting results is one thing, but having an assistant who cares that you get those results in a timely matter is remarkable.

3. Quality of work: Of course mistakes happen, but the same thing would happen with any service. My overall experience with Fin is quite phenomenal. I’ve learned that most mistakes can be avoided by changing the way I ask Fin for things. The more context you give, the better job Fin can do.

After reviewing these requests, I decided to share my experience. Even more fascinating is that I had Fin help edit this article. I spent 217 of my 300 minutes for this month. I’m eager to leverage these 5 hours a month to help me achieve a healthy work and life balance, while showing you how.

Building hybrid intelligence systems for the future of work gets me excited. We’re building tools to empower people, rather than replacing them. Every month, I’ll be sharing my experiences. I’ll show you all the ways Fin can help you be more technical, focused, and creative. #FinDoesThat

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