The comforts of home, handwritten cards, and pop-up petting zoos

Brittni Nowell, 28 Mar 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Hey Fin, Can you look at the upcoming Castro Theatre sing-along screenings and send me the ones I’m available to attend?”

→ If you’re interested in a recurring event, ask Fin to send over the list of the times you’re actually available to check it out.

“Fin, Could you track down the three most cited scholarly books on human evolution published in the last five years?”

→ Ask Fin to find the books you’re looking for so you just have to focus on the reading.

“Fin, I have family coming in town. Columbiana is a type of kola champagne from my home country. Can you help me find a place that sells it near my home or work?”

→ Use Fin to find the unique foods or beverages you’re looking for so your guests feel right at home.

“Hi Fin, Can you find me a petting zoo for our Easter party? Something that treats animals well and is well reviewed? I’m mainly interested in small things like bunnies, pigs, and maybe baby chicks. No llamas. Thanks!”

→ Next time you want to add a little something extra for your tiny party guests, ask Fin to find the best options available and read reviews to make sure they meet your criteria.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Fin discovered a couple awesome services that help you easily design and send handwritten cards and postcards. Handwrytten is easily accessible by web or app and cards start at $3 including tax and shipping. PunkPost offers a similar service, but guarantees each card is created by an an actual human, sends you a photo of the card before it ships. Let Fin know next time you need to send some snail mail to give it a try.

ArtExpo New York is one of the largest gatherings of fine art trade buyers in the world and is a great opportunity to checkout artists that will shape trends in art galleries across the globe. If you’re interested in attending, ask Fin to grab you a ticket for a single day or to the opening night preview party on April 20th.