Delivery ETA’s, on-demand party limos, and Netflix commitment rings

Brittni Nowell, 21 Mar 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Hey Fin, can you find out what time XPO is delivering my new TV today? Just forwarded over the info. Thanks!”

→ Send Fin the confirmation details for your upcoming deliveries and Fin will track down an ETA so you don’t wait at home all day.

“Fin, Matt and I are headed to the East Coast in a couple weeks (dates in calendar). Will you book some flights and hotel rooms for us? Try to seat us next to one another so we can work on the plane.”

→ Ask Fin to coordinate your travel and accomodations for upcoming business trip.

“My daughter really likes some singer/band named Billie Eilish. Please get us two tickets to her next show in Boulder or Denver. We could also do NYC the last week of March if she’s out there. Thanks, Fin!”

→ Ask Fin to find the best options next time you’re looking to surprise someone special.

“Yo Fin. Can I get a large limo, or something similar, tonight for a 3-hour party? There’re 12-13 of us. Let me know my options.”

→ Ask Fin to do some digging and send over the best options for the Friday night you’re looking for.

“Can you do some research on backup power for the office in case we lose electricity again? Let’s have an electrician walk through and check it out as well. Thanks, Fin!”

→ Lean on Fin to put together a backup plan for your next office emergency. for.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

The San Francisco Symphony will host screenings of [Tim Burton’s Batman] in combination with live performances of the award-winning score this April. If you’re interested in grabbing tickets, just let Fin know and Fin will find you you the best tickets available.

Cornetto is putting a new twist on promise rings with their Commitment Rings, intended to help you keep the ultimate promise to your BFF or significant other and ensure you never watch an episode of your favorite show without the other. The product hasn’t been released yet but if you’re interested in getting a pair when they are, just tell Fin and Fin can let you know when they’re available to purchase online.