Tracking down your paper, gongs for the office, and the etymology of a bug

Brittni Nowell, 14 Mar 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Can you tell the New York Times that no paper was delivered this weekend or last weekend? We received a paper this Saturday but that’s it. Thanks, Fin!”

→ Ask Fin to track down your paper or other subscriptions when they don’t arrive as expected.

“Hey Fin, can you find a place near me where I can get a fresh-pressed juice or a healthy meal in the next 10-15 minutes? Thank you!”

→ Ask Fin to find the restaurants in your area that have the options you’re craving so you don’t waste time on your lunch break.

“Fin, I need to order some kind of gong or bell to ring in the office every time we make a sale. It should be fairly loud so we can hear it, but we also don’t want to buy anything expensive. Can you come back to me with a few options?”

→ Reach out to Fin next time you’re in the market for a gong, or any other office supplies, to get a list of your best options.

“Fin, can you find out how a newborn in the U.S. gets a U.S. passport and a Brazilian passport? What documents and pictures are needed as proof? Also, what’s it gonna cost? Thanks!”

→ Ask Fin to get you a list of the documents you’ll need on-hand when applying for a new passport or heading to a DMV appointment.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Fin discovered a fun list of computer term etymologies last week while completing some research. Some of our favorites include the etymologies of the terms bug and cookie. If you’re interested, you can check out the full list here.

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