Exclusive music festivals, dinner decorum, and breakfast for the team

Brittni Nowell, 7 Mar 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Hey Fin, we have an engineer candidate coming in next week. Will you send him directions to the office and schedule the interview sessions with the team? Thanks!”

→ Ask Fin to to get your candidates the information they need prior to an interview and schedule 1:1’s with members of your team.

“Yo Fin, I’m packing for a trip tonight. Can you find out what the dinner decorum is for two restaurants in Big Sur? The Sur House and Sierra Mar. Thanks!”

→ Ask Fin to do some digging to make sure you pack appropriately for your upcoming trip.

“We have our company all-hands meeting on Tuesday. Can you order enough bagels, fruit, and coffee for the team and make sure it’s delivered before the meeting starts?”

→ Use Fin to coordinate meal deliveries for important meetings in the office.

“Hey Fin, I’m going to be staying with friends in Scottsdale, Arizona in a couple weeks for Spring Training. Can you put together a list of restaurants and nightclubs you think I should checkout? Thanks!”

→ Ask Fin to put together a list of recommended restaurants or experiences next time you’re visiting a new city.

“Can you find me a list of interior designers in the Bay Area that can help us move from our current place into a new apartment? I’d like to travel during the move, so I need someone that can coordinate getting all the furniture over and setting the place up. Thanks!”

→ Ask Fin to sort through the options and find you the best person for the job.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Use this exclusive link for a 15% discount on tickets to FORM, a relatively new music festival hosted in Arcosanti, Arizona, an experimental eco-city an hour outside of Phoenix. The festival is an exclusive experience that blends art, music, and camping, and aims to promote diversity, integrity, and creativity among festival attendees. Applying for a ticket does not necessarily mean you will granted attendance. If you secure a ticket, you can either camp in your own tent or stay in a luxury safari tent just a few minutes walk from the music. Headliners this year include Beach House and Chance The Rapper. If you’d like more information or want to register for tickets, just let Fin know.

Flying Vinyl is a monthly subscription service that curates new indie, alternative, and rock tracks, presses them to a 7” vinyl record, and ships it to your door for $30/month. Past records have included music from artists like Black Honey and The Wytches. Let Fin know if you’re interested in signing up!