Singing telegrams, Resistbot, and glamping outside NYC

Brittni Nowell, 23 Feb 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Hey Fin! Can you help organize a rock-and-roll singing telegram for my friend’s birthday on Friday?”

→ Ask Fin to coordinate a fun birthday surprise for someone you care about. #micdrop 🎤

“Urgent! My daughter just joined a softball team and the first practice is in an hour. Is there anywhere near my home where I can get a softball mitt for a 7 year old?”

→ Ask Fin to do the legwork when you’re searching for a specific item so you don’t waste precious time looking in the wrong places.

“Can you see if Upright Citizens Brigade has a comedy show tonight? If so, will you get me a 2 tickets? Thanks!”

→ Toss your after-work ambitions to Fin throughout the day and leave work with the tickets on your calendar.

“Can you find out if the Costco in near me currently has organic strawberries? If so, what size containers do they have and how much do they cost?”

→ Ask Fin to price out your options before you make the drive to the store.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

If you’re looking for a relaxing escape outside of NYC, Collective Governors Island is an upscale retreat with lodging and a number of luxury tent accommodations. The island sources local dining options daily and will soon have an event calendar composed of live music, culinary classes, wellness retreats, thought leadership summits, and morning yoga rituals. If you don’t plan on making it to New York any time soon, Collective Sonoma plans to open early 2019. Just let Fin know if you’d like to learn more about either location!

Resistbot is a free tool you can access through SMS or Facebook Messenger that allows you to quickly send a physical letter or fax to your representatives in Congress, your state governor, or the White House. Resistbot will even offer examples of current hot topics if you need a little inspiration. To start the process, text “resist” to 50409. We’ve given it a try, and think it’s pretty awesome.