Levitating moon lamps, Tokyo wine recs, and automating expenses

Brittni Nowell, 15 Feb 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“I need to rent 4 bikes for Coachella weekend one. We need to have them delivered on that Friday afternoon before 3pm and they can be picked up Sunday morning. Thanks, Fin!”

→ Ask Fin to handle the logistics for your upcoming vacation so you have what you need when you arrive. 🚲

“Hey Fin, I always forget to expense my gym membership each month. Can you start handling that for me? My Abacus login is in the Vault.”

→ Use Fin to automatically submit your monthly expenses.

“I’m looking for a really high-end white burgundy wine in Tokyo. Can you locate a shop(s) near me or get suggestions from my hotel? Thanks, Fin!”

→ Ask Fin to find the items you’re looking for when you’re in a new city or traveling abroad.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

The Book Of Mormon is back by popular demand at The SHN Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco through March 4th. If you’re interested in catching a show, ask Fin to send over ticket information and add it to your calendar for a night you’re free. There’s also a day-of-show lottery for $25 that starts 2 ½ hours prior to curtain time.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve collected a couple products for you to take on your next adventure for two like a camping hammock or two-person sleeping bag. If the outdoors aren’t your thing, you can also fake an evening under the stars with this levitating moon lamp. If you’re interested in any of these products or want some additional recommendations, just let Fin know!