#ASAP Requests to Fin

Arian, 3 Dec 2018

We know, at times, there are certain tasks you need us to prioritize over everything else and do immediately.

As a high-quality assistant service, we always prioritize tasks so that we can get everything done on time, but sometimes this isn’t enough. As a result, if you need something done immediately, you can add #ASAP and we’ll start work on it now, regardless of whatever else we have going on.

This is how it works:

Send a message to Fin and use #ASAP anywhere in the subject or body and Fin will begin work immediately. For using #ASAP you will be charged an extra 50% (just like uber surge pricing). This won’t impact the prioritization of other work you ask us to do normally.

Here are a few examples of times you’ll want to use this feature:

  • “Fin - I’m headed to the airport, can you book the next flight to NYC on United - use my Amex #ASAP”
  • “Fin - Spaced on my anniversary today. Can you send white roses home today and get us a reservation at the new restaurant that opened nearby? #ASAP”
  • “Fin - A pipe broke in my basement. Can you get a plumber over as soon as possible!? #ASAP”