Teams Do More With Fin

Laura Almeida, 12 Nov 2018

We’ve learned a lot since our rollout of Fin for Teams six months ago! Hundreds of teams both big and small use Fin to schedule meetings, book travel, cater lunches and team events, and keep their employees focused.

No matter how you use it, we want to say thank you for sharing the Fin love within your teams, orgs, and families. In response, we’ve been hard at work developing even more features for teams to get value from Fin:

Easier Inviting
Until now, team admins could only invite team members by entering email addresses one by one into the invite field. Now, you also have the option to send out a unique invite link to anyone you’d like to add to your team. No more copying and pasting.

Improved Calendaring
Fin is now even faster at scheduling within teams. We’ve added additional functionality on the back end that makes easier for Fin to schedule with another user in your organization or team with fewer round trips.

Weekly Phone Syncs
If you already have regularly scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with your teammates, consider adding one with Fin! A weekly 5-15 minute phone call with Fin is a great way to organize your week, delegate tasks you need help with, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Before each call, Fin will scan your schedule and come prepared with a few suggestions.

Calendar with Outlook
We’re excited to announce that Fin now works with Outlook, Office 365, and many Microsoft Exchange accounts! To get set up, login at and connect your Microsoft Exchange Account. Once you’ve connected, simply adjust your calendar preferences and Fin will start using your Microsoft calendar to schedule your meetings and manage your time. Let Fin handle all the back and forth of scheduling so you can stay focused on what’s important.

We’re happy to hear that so many of our users are gaining value from Fin for Teams and are excited to continue building features for teams! If you have suggestions or any features you’re hoping we’ll build next, drop us a line!