How To Be More Productive with Fin

Brittni Nowell , 18 Nov 2018

Staying productive throughout the week and making sure to prioritize your most important work is a challenge all professionals face. So, we put together a few tips for how you can use Fin to be more productive, and master your work week.

Fin can manage your calendar, schedule meetings, and follow up with important people.

You can save a significant amount of time each week using Fin to schedule your meetings and manage your calendar. This includes reaching out to confirm meeting details with attendees, jumping in to reschedule meetings when necessary, and following up on important meeting notes or takeaways. Fin stores your nuanced preferences across all types of meetings to quickly schedule any meeting, exactly how you like it.

Work with Fin to manage action items in your inbox.

Constantly managing your inbox and responding to emails throughout the day can be a major time suck and pull your attention away from the task at hand. Instead, block off time at the beginning and end of your day to sort through the items that require action on your part and forward emails to Fin that you’d like help with. If there’s an email or action item you’d like to come back to later in the week, ask Fin to bring it to the top of your inbox or send you an SMS reminder at a later time.

Hand over managing personal appointments & chores to Fin.

When you allow Fin to take over scheduling regular personal appointments like haircuts, doctor visits, workouts, dentist appointments, and more, you can stay focused, knowing the details will be taken care of. Fin can also help you stay on top of important routines and chores like grocery shopping, paying bills, and booking cleaning appointments to keep your home in order.

Use Fin to block time on your calendar to focus on important projects.

In addition to managing the time spent with others, Fin can also block time on your calendar each week to make sure you spend time on personal projects and weekly priorities. Just tell Fin at the beginning of the week how many hours you’d like to dedicate to your individual work, and Fin will add focus blocks to your calendar.

Fin can do the research you need for important projects & meetings.

Doing your research prior to an important presentation, meeting, or start of a project can be the key to success. That said, it isn’t necessarily the most productive way for you to be spending your time. When you use Fin to compile information and research companies, industries, or individuals, you can leverage that information when it matters and stay focused on the work where you’re needed most. efv0/

Use Fin to make calls so you don’t have to.

Calling businesses or contacting service providers while they’re open can often interfere with your peak productivity hours. Fin will make those calls for you so you can spend your time on more important work and never get stuck on hold again.

Unlike an ordinary assistant, Fin delivers high-quality personal and executive assistance 24 x 7 x 365. Whether you’re looking for a full time assistant or on-demand assistance when you need it most, Fin can start helping today.