Using NotaBene with Your Favorite Task Manager

The Fin Team , 2 Oct 2018

We’ve heard from a lot of customers that NotaBene is their new favorite way to add tasks to their task manager. If you’re interested in using NotaBene with your favorite task manager, we’ve compiled the basic instructions for some of the most common to-do list services our customers are using.

If you give it a try, we bet this will be your new go to way to add tasks to your board.


Create a custom email address to send items directly to a Zap or create new Zap to add cards directly to other services. You can learn where to find your custom email address here.

Airtable + Zapier

Use Zapier to send Gmail messages to create new Airtable records in views. Learn more here

Google Tasks + Zapier

You can create a Zap to add emails to your Google Tasks. Learn more here.


If you use Trello, you can create a custom email address to add cards to your Trello Boards. Learn more here, or follow the instructions below.


You can create a custom email address on Todoist to email tasks directly to your projects. Learn more here or follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the tools icon in the upper right-hand corner of the project you want to forward your email to.
  • Click on “Email tasks to this project” to get the project email address.
  • Add the address as a contact in your email client and start forwarding emails to it.

The email’s subject will become the task name, and the body of the email will be added as a task comment.


Forward emails to turn them into Asana tasks, Email your tasks to “My Tasks”, or Email Tasks directly to a project. Learn more here.


Your Evernote email address is a unique address you can use to save emails into Evernote and looks something like this: To find your Evernote email address, go to your account settings.

To try NotaBene with your favorite task manager today, download the app for iOS or Android .