Jelly Tanks, pot bellied pig food, and customized auto-pay

Brittni Nowell, 24 Jan 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Hey Fin, I have 3 credit cards that I pay off from my checking account. Can we set it up so instead of autopay, you tell me the current balance on each card and I can dictate the amount I want paid to each card every month?”

→ Use Fin to customize your auto-pay system and keep all the communication in one place.

“Hey Fin, Can you remember I parked in the international terminal A5. Thanks!”

→ Tell Fin what you need to remember so the information is easily searchable next time you need it.

“Hey Fin! Can you find out when the Yosemite campsites are available to book in June and set up task to book a campsite the morning they open?”

→ Don’t wanna wake up at the crack of dawn? Ask Fin to get the job done for you. ⛺🌲

”Fin, can you order me a 25lb. Bag of Mazuri Pot Bellied Pig food for active adults once every 3 weeks?”

→ Ask Fin to make sure you never run out of pig food again.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Save The Redwoods League, one of California’s oldest environmental groups, 40 of California’s redwood state parks will offer free vehicle admission on the second Saturday of the month for the rest of 2018. Ask Fin to plan your next getaway on a weekend you’re free!

If you’re as into jellyfish as we are, checkout these tanks you can purchase for your home or office. Cubic Aquarium Systems has locations in major cities, including San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, where you can purchase your tank and jellyfish on-site. Jelly Tank is another jellyfish aquarium company currently accepting pre-orders on their tanks for less than $300. If you’re interested in placing a pre-order, just let Fin know.