Planning happy hour, charging coasters, and inbox management

Brittni Nowell, 18 Jan 2018

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

“Hey Fin, Bring this email to the top of my inbox in exactly 24 hours. 🙏 Thanks!”

→ Forward Fin the emails you don’t have time to deep dive, and get them at the top of your inbox when it matters most.

“Fin, I have a used car loan with Community Choice Credit Union. Would there be any advantage in moving to DFCU or Eastern Michigan University Credit Union? Thanks!”

→ Ask Fin to compare your options so you can feel certain you’re making the best choice possible.

“Hey Fin, I want to get drinks after work with Sarah, Can you find a spot with good cocktails between my office and hers? Just send us both a text with the location and time. Thanks!”

→ Next time you want to meet a friend for happy hour but have your hands tied at work, ask Fin to choose a location and handle the messaging for you.

”Can you call the St. Regis Spa in Aspen and book a massage for me at 2:30 or 3pm today? All my usual preferences. Thanks, Fin.”

→ Tell Fin your preferences to get your massages scheduled just the way you like them anywhere you go.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

If you find yourself frequently reheating your coffee or tea each morning as you scramble to get ready, like many of us, you may way to consider grabbing yourself a temperature controlled ceramic mug and a charging coster from Ember. Building off the success of their travel mug, Ember now has a ceramic mug that syncs with your phone, lets you know when your drink has reached the ideal temperature, and keeps it there. ☕️😌

The Assembly is a new social club in the Mission of San Francisco that’s created and designed to help women build strength for their bodies, minds, and careers. The space is entirely wellness focused, has open seating to hangout or work, and offers daily fitness classes. If you’re interested in checking it out, ask Fin to book you a drop-in class and add it to your calendar.