Use codewords to give friends & family access to your Fin Assistant

Brittni Nowell, 31 Aug 2017

This week: Fin access codewords & regular appointments

"Hey Fin, I’m leaving town but want to make sure my roommates can ask you for help while I’m gone. I’ve added a codeword to the Vault. If anyone messages in with my correct codeword, you can go ahead and proceed with their request. "

→ Create a codeword for your friends & family so Fin can help them with quick tasks while you’re off the grid.

"Will you schedule an appointment with my barber at Cutler in SoHo every 2 weeks when I’m in town? Thanks, Fin! "

→ Let Fin know if you have weekly or monthly appointments you’d like scheduled. Fin will handle the booking and let you know once it’s on your calendar.

"Hi Fin! Please make an early morning appointment for Molly to get groomed once a month, add it to my calendar and send me a text 10 minutes before I should leave."

→ Ask Fin to help you stay on top of your pets appointments and make sure you arrive on time.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Molekule is an air purifier, funded using grants from the EPA and Department of Defense, that disassembles pollutants at a molecular level. Rather than trapping particles like purifiers that use the traditional HEPA filters, Molekule destroys the pollutants by oxidizing them with free radicals. The company claims the product can clean a 600 square foot space every hour.

If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, join your fellow foodies on the Paramount back lot for a full weekend, or just a day, of sampling some of the best wine and food in the area at Taste LA. If you’re interested, ask Fin to tell you more or grab you a ticket.