Back to school, Burning Man, and football season

Brittni Nowell, 16 Aug 2017

Themes of the week: Back to school, Burning Man, and football season

"Hey Fin! Will you look over my course schedule and make sure I have all the books I need for this semester?"

→ Tell Fin what supplies you need to get prepared for school and Fin will order them for you.

"Fin, the kids have crazy schedules this year. Will you add their school and sport calendars to my calendar? Also, send me a reminder a day before any field trips, school events or sporting events."

→ Send pictures of school and activity calendars and ask Fin to make sure you receive reminders for the events that are important to you.

"Can you research places we can get rid of our bikes after Burning Man in Reno? Also, I need to know the best place to dump a bunch of trash. Email me the details."

→ If you need a plan for what to do with all your playa supplies, ask Fin to send recommendations to your group.

"Hey Fin! Will you add all the Packers games to my calendar and make sure to add a location for the best place I can watch the game anytime I’m traveling."

→ Ask Fin to add your team’s schedule to your calendar so you never miss a game.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Hoodslam is a whiskey soaked underground professional wrestling event where anything goes. Started in Oakland in 2010 by Sam Khandaghabadi, the show now hosts an event on the first Friday of each month at the Oakland Metro Opera House. If you’re up for a night of excitement and looking to change up the pace, ask Fin to grab you a ticket for the next show on September 4th when they become available. Just don’t bring your kids!

Bluesmart released a new crowdfunding campaign for the second series of their smart luggage system which is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. If you travel often and think you could use features like bag tracking, auto locking, and superchargers for your devices, ask Fin to place a pre-order for you.